How to Cope with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies have become a common feature in our society.

They come with a feeling of depression and distress, and there needs to be a strong support system around you to cope up with the responsibilities which come along.

Many young women who are not prepared for parenthood and are unwilling to accept the changes in their lifestyle, leave the child for adoption or get an abortion. This is unethical and immoral, as it is not the fault of the child that he/she was brought into the world.

You must talk to your partner about supporting the child. Talking to someone close will also make you feel better. Also, there are certain responsibilities you need to take when a child is growing up.


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    Compare options and make the decision

    You will have three options when you know that you are pregnant. You can take the decision to raise the child, give him or her for adoption or the last option would be to think about abortion.

    You must consider all the options and it is recommended that you do not go for an abortion as it is extremely dangerous and unethical.

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    Talk to your partner

    This is probably the most important thing. You should talk to your partner and make a decision accordingly. If he is willing to support you and the child for the rest of the life, it is great but if it is another scenario, you must prepare to support the child yourself.

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    Analyse your current lifestyle

    Pregnancy certainly changes your life. You will have to mentally prepare yourself that your life is going to change forever. You cannot carry on with the same lifestyle while supporting your child also. So, determine whether you can cope with change or not. Avoid alcohol and drugs as they are not good for the health of the child.

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    Plan for the future

    Once you take the decision to keep the child and support him/her, you will have to live a decent life not only for yourself but also for the child. You need to think about the future of the child and try to plan accordingly, both on the financial and social front. A good way would be to seek the support of your partner in this case.

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