How to Declutter Your Life

Is your car junky? Are your book shelves a wreck? Does your desk look like a war zone? It might just be that you have too much stuff, and I stress stuff. Some people have so much stuff in their homes and in their lives that they don’t really know what they have. So where do you begin. Do you have the first clue as to how to declutter your life.

Take the time to inspect your surroundings. Look at your car, your house, and your desk. If there is no order anywhere, it’s time to declutter. There are a few things to know about how to declutter your life. The first thing is, if you don’t know what you have, then clearly you are not attached to it and you can get rid of it. If you haven’t used something in two years, chances are you are not going to use it. If you have had it longer than two years, it is probably out of style anyway. Secondly, if you are simply hoarding things, make no mistake you are creating stagnant energy in your space and are blocking your blessings and properity from coming into your life. Think about it, you have no more room for prosperity. Someone, somewhere can use the things you are hoarding.

So, let’s break this down and get a plan that is not too overwhelming. Start with the goal to declutter one room at a time so that you won’t give up on the project before it has gotten started. For each room you clean you will have three bags to separate items. There will be a bag for charityl, a bag to throw things away, things to keep. So, to begin the path of how to declutter your life, everyday pick a room that you are going to concentrate on. Being realistic, for a person that works, this may have to be done on the weekend, so pick the area you are going to work on every weekend. Another approach is to pick a small area every night, and throw something away, even if you just work on one area of your bedroom at a time.

Once you have chosen the room to declutter, you want to empty the room, everything except the furniture. One word of warning, don’t try to empty the closet and a room on the same day. The goal is to help not hurt you. Taking things one-step at a time is doable. If you get overwhelmed you will quit after the first room. Another good suggestion is to start with the room that is the least cluttered first, maybe the laundry room or the kitchen. This way you can see your progress and will be motivated to continue. One good place to start is by trashing excess magazines, junk mail, and other papers. This may take time as you may have to sort through the mail. Once you have done so shred the mail, and dispose of it. Remove you name and address from the magazines and deposit them in a recycle bin.

If starting with the kitchen, empty all cabinets. Clean the cabinets out and reline with shelves with new shelf paper (if this is something you use). Throw away all chipped, broken dishes, and odds and ends. Throw away all butter containers, yogurt containers, freezer containers without lids and vice versa, condiments, straws, chop sticks, and all the thousands of napkins accumulated from the fast food joints. Put these in a trash back and walk them to the trashcan immediately. If you have any half burned, or �¾ burned candles, especially those in jars, throw them away. Examine your cookware, if there is anything that needs to be trashed, trash it.

As you empty each room, go through the drawers, and closets to dispose of items not in use. Things you are hoarding can help someone else who is homeless, and needs clothes. These items could possibly put someone back in the workplace. So declutter with a light heart. All excess wire hangers, trash, or take to your cleaners. Some cleaners even buy them back. Don’t keep them! Once you have decluttered each room, take the clothes to Good Will. Don’t put them in the garage. Trash the things that need to be trashed immediately! Don’t pick anything out of your trash pile. Go with your first mind. This is how to declutter your life! For the things your going to keep, go and buy nice wooden hangars and hang the clothes in your closet in the nice new space that they have to hang.

Here are a few tips on how to declutter your life in the future.

1. Don’t impulse buy. A lot of the things cluttering your home still have price tags on them.

2. Don’t accept everything that someone is giving away. Do you really need anything else?

3. Think minimalism. Buy a book on decorating with this in mind. You will enjoy a home with space. Not every inch has to be occupied.

4. Burn a sage smudge stick to clear your home of any other stagnant energy.

5. Don’t allow things to accumulate over long periods of time.

6. Enjoy the new energy in your clutter free existence. You can now open your front door to guests without making excuses.

As you progress on your new path on how to declutter your life, realize you will have to stay on top of what you bring into your new existence. Being clutter free is work, but you can do it.

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