How to Decorate a Beautiful Nursery for Your New Baby Girl

Decorating a beautiful nursery for your baby girl is easier than it looks. Depending on the amount of time and money you want to put into it, your baby girl can have a room straight out of a magazine.

A great place to start is the walls. It is easy to slap some paint on the walls to create any kind of image you want to project. There are several ways to decorate the walls. Many parents are opting to decorate their new baby girl’s room with stencils or appliquÃ?©. An easy way to create an elegant room for your new daughter is to choose two different paint colors, one for the bottom and one for the top of the room. Running a chair rail in a third color adds to the effect. If you have the time, money, and tools, adding wainscoting and crown moulding are easy ways to make a room look expensive. I say if you have the money, however, these items can be bought rather inexpensively at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Another great idea is to paint the ceiling with yet another color to differentiate. In my little girl’s room, she has a muted lime green wainscoting with lavender on the upper walls, a light blue ceiling, and cream-colored crown moulding, chair rail, baseboard, and window moulding. It sounds like a lot of color, but the effect is adorable.

Once you have your colors set into place, there are other details to consider when decorating a nursery for your new baby girl. The window coverings are a major aspect to the decoration of every room. It is tempting to hang pretty sheers over the window because they look sweet in a girl’s room. This is not very functional in the room of a baby. Sheers allow too much light into a room, which can cause baby to wake up too soon. A better option is to choose the sheers you want and hang them on a single curtain rod. Use a colorful decorative rod to hang some tab top panels. These panels can be closed during sleep and open during the day. You don’t need to worry about hanging a scarf or valance. The decorative rod will make it look finished.

Another nice touch to your baby girl’s new nursery is a cute light fixture. Two popular options are a pastel colored ceiling fan and a small chandelier. The chandelier adds elegance to a room, while a ceiling fan provides cooling as well as entertainment for your baby. No baby can resist staring at a ceiling fan. These two options are a great way to personalize your new nursery for your little girl.

There are several other smaller decorations to consider in your new baby girl’s nursery to add elegance. A nice idea is to hang a curtain over the closet rather than a door if the closet is small and the room is small. It will add decoration as well as opening up the room. Wall hangings are of course needed to decorate the room. A big trend right now is large decorative letters spelling out the name of your new baby girl. These can be bought everywhere and are already finished, or you can paint them in coordinating colors to your room. They look especially nice over the crib. Another nice touch is a few corner shelves. Inevitably, you will be given decorative items such as piggy banks and frames. These items can be displayed on nice corner shelves. Only hand the shelves on the upper half of the wall to keep little hands away from the items. If there are wood floors in the room then consider buying a decorative rug for the floor. Don’t forget to purchase nice outlet covers, light switch cover and nightlight. These items will all add a finished look to your daughter’s new elegant nursery.

With the walls complete in the nursery, it is time to bring in the furniture. Most women have a sense of what they want the nursery to look like beforehand. Buying furniture to decorate your new daughter’s nursery should be functional as well as stylish. Of course, there is the crib. Others choose whether to purchase a dressing table or not. A good option is a dressing table that can be used later as a simple dresser. These are often beautiful pieces of furniture. If the room has a small closet then an armoire is a great addition to the room. An armoire also makes a room look more stylish. It is also nice to have a rocking chair or glider in the room. Not only can they look really nice in a room, but they are functional too.

With the furniture bought, it is time to buy bedding set for the crib. This set will include sheets, dust ruffle and comforter. Some sets will also include a diaper hanger and sometimes even wall hangings. These sets generally follow a theme or set color style. This is an important addition to the decoration of every baby girl’s nursery.

Most expectant mothers come up with a theme or set color scheme for the nursery of their new baby girl. This theme can be built upon to decorate a beautiful and elegant room for your daughter. When beginning the decorating process, the first thing to do is choose colors and paint. Then add decorative touches such as window coverings, lighting and shelving. Then move in the furniture and add the bedding set. If you choose to follow the ideas I set forth, then your new baby girl can have a nursery that looks straight from a magazine.

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