How to Do Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Tricks

Have you ever been to a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream store and you saw the employees behind the counter doing ice cream tricks? In an increasingly popular trend, Cold Stone employees are having more fun at work and entertaining customers in the process. The ice cream tricks came about because Cold Stone encourages customers to tip the employees making the ice cream. Currently, cold stone teaches its employees to be overly friendly to customers and to sing Cold Stone Creamery customized songs. The Cold Stone Corporation does not teach the ice cream tricks that employees are now performing. Instead, a slew of YouTube videos that have been produced by several Cold Stone locations is gaining widespread popularity throughout the nation at other Cold Stone locations.

The most impressive Cold Stone employees can do a wide array of tricks ranging from flipping, scooping and ice cream throwing. In one such YouTube video, an employee scoops the ice cream he is serving, and then throws it across the room to another employee standing with an ice cream shake container who catches the ice cream in midair.

So how can you too be an expert Cold Stone creamery tricks person? Let’s start with Cold Stone tricks 101. The first thing you need to learn is how to use your two scoopers we call “spaets.” A spaet is basically a giant metal ice cream spoon. You hold one in each hand and you scoop the ice cream from the metal container with them.

Once you scoop the ice cream out of the container into the shape of a ball, you want to put the ice cream down onto the frozen slab we call “The Stone.” Then you have to begin mixing in the ingredients like brownies, chocolate syrup, caramel, sprinkles, chocolate chip, fruit or anyone of the countless ingredients cold stone has to offer.

Now comes the tricks part. You will first need to determine if the ice cream combination is hard enough and solid enough to mix into a ball that you can easily toss into the air. This is really a judgment call but it is really important. If your ice cream combination has too much liquid in it, then it will fall apart in mid-air and get all over everything. Combinations like raspberries, blueberries, liquid strawberries, or soft ice cream should not be thrown into the air.

The best combinations of ice cream to toss are cookie dough, cake pieces, chocolate chips and hard ice cream. Once you have your combination rolled into a ball shape, then you need to dip the two spaets into water to make sure that the ice cream doesn’t stick. Then you should be able to toss the ice cream ball using one of the spaets while you catch the ice cream with a dish in your other hand. Congratulations! You’ve just learned to flip ice cream in the air. Once you’ve mastered this step, then you can begin tossing ice cream across the room and do flips, tosses behind the back, and many more complicated tricks.

Other tricks that look pretty cool which you can practice are flipping in the air syrup containers and the metal spaets. With enough practice, you’ll be an expert Cold Stone Creamery tricks person, making your own YouTube videos

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