How to Turn Your Vintage Poster into a Light Fixtures

I see lots of reproduction vintage posters almost everywhere I look. They are so popular right now. The rich colors and retro vintage ads suit so many decors. I just hate being like everyone else, so I decided I needed a new way to display these vintage works of art. No simple vintage poster framed out a hung on the wall would do.

To make this simple vintage poster wall light project should take you about 2 hours or less. You need to allot some drying time for the glue before you hang it up though! You should be able to make this entire vintage poster project for about $75 or less, depending on how much you end up paying for your vintage posters.

To make a vintage poster wall light project You Will Need:

One large frame (this should be larger than your poster)
2″X4”s (cut to size)
Spray frost for glass or peel and stick privacy material
Christmas lights
Power Drill
1 inch drill bit
Epoxy Glue
Paint (optional)
Paint brush (optional)
Painters ape
Magic Marker
Tea Cup hooks

Now, the first step is to choose your frame. Save yourself a little time and trouble and choose a frame that either you like, matches your decor, or matches the vintage poster. This will be visible, so don’t skimp here.

Now, take out the glass. Lay it out on a flat work surface. Lay your vintage poster centered in the glass. Mark where it is with a magic marker. Now, remove the vintage reproduction poster. Now, tape off the center where the frame was with a bunch of painter’s tape.

Spray on a coat of frosted glass spray to the glass. You could also use some of that window privacy peel and stick material. Both of these can be bought at any home improvement store. The peel and stick window privacy comes in a variety of patterns and is sold by the roll.

Now, if you used the frosted spray, then peel the tape of and let the frosted spray dry.

While the window is drying you can go ahead and cut your 2″X4″ to size they need to make a frame that is one inch smaller than your store bought frame. So, look and see how wide and tall your vintage poster frame is.

Now, there is no need to miter the wood corners, became they will not be visible.

Now, predrill holes in all four corners to screw this wood frame together. Now, on the bottom side of the frame drill a 1 inch hole through the wood. This hole should be through that middle of the length and width of the wood.

Now you can sand and paint this wood frame if you would like. It will not be highly visible, but if people will be seeing the side of this light fixture when it is hung on the wall you should do this step. Paint it out to match the poster frame your bought at the store.

Let this dry.

Next, screw in some teacup hooks up and down the instead of the wooden frame you built. Space ether evenly about every four inches or so.

Now, reinsert the frosted glass into the frame.

Run a bead of epoxy glue around the frame and press it onto the 2″X4′ frame you just built.

Insert you vintage poster back into he middle of the glass where it is clear. You can hold it in place with a small piece of clear scotch tape in each corner.

Run you string of Christmas lights inside of the wood frame. Use the tea cup hooks and start at the top and work your way down.

Run the plug and remained of the string of Christmas lights though the 1 inch hole you drilled in the bottom of the frame.

Hang the vintage poster light fixture eon the wall. You can use a picture frame hook to do this.

Plug it in and enjoy your new mood lighting!

This light fixture can be used in the kitchen, a movie room, the bedroom, the family room, or even in the bathroom!

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