How to Draw Manga: The Art of Japanes Manga and Animation

So what are these How to Draw Manga Books all about? I took a look to find out, and what I found was a beautiful, insightful, and highly informative tutorial on the art of Japanese Manga and animation.

For many Manga has been a source of entertainment, interest, and even infatuation since before its rise in popularity some years ago. At that time drawing in the Japanese animation style was still unpopular and so any young ambitious or inspired artist had to set about studying the pages of their favorite manga, or watching countless episodes of their favorite anime just to learn how to draw in that style. Not to say that this was a problem�merely that it has gotten much easier.

With the release of publisher Graphic-Sha’s How to Draw Manga books young and old artists or aspiring artists can take in and learn the techniques through a form of instruction rather than trial and error.

These books provide learners with a variety of techniques beginning with the most basic and taking them all the way up to professional production. Early learner books detail body construction, basic backgrounds, and the basics of using perspective in drawing. They provide beautiful and practical examples as well as practice exercises that the artist can mimic. In addition to this, early books provide the body construction and layout visibly through the clothes so the learner gets a good idea of how clothing lays and moves with the body.

Middle level books go into the actions of daily life and how to depict them. From getting up in the morning to riding on the subways, these books show it all. Throughout these books character construction and design is also emphasized. Ideas for eyes, haircuts, face shapes, lips shapes, and types of noses are given. Character positions are also examined with emphasis on the more complex aspects such as drawing and positioning the hands and feet.

Later books go into such advanced and highly specified topic as drawing Samurai and Ninja, Marital Arts, Robots, Horror, etc� Technical books also provide information and instruction on how to use tones and different tools in the Japanese style of Manga. Extra books include those dedicated solely to costumes, girls, and boys.

In the back of many of the books are examples of works from popular artists, or critics of amateur artists’ works. Each critic is complete with a new professional version of the drawing, and a point by point explanation of the changes made. Both of these features are extremely helpful as they can give you insight into the application of what has been learned as well as how to fix common mistakes.

No matter what level learner you are, if you are interested in Manga, and learning the techniques involved, these books are essential. Each retails form around $13.99-19.99, and can be bought at most major retail book locations. For further details and online discounts you can visit the Manga University website at .

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