Difference Between Ubuntu and Linux

Most of the people have no idea of the operating systems other than windows and MAC. Undoubtedly windows is widely used around the globe but the technology related people or who specialise in web designing always get their hands on other operating systems. The Unix-like operating system is difficult to understand for many but provides maximum security to its users. It has the edge over other operating systems as it allows people to make changes up to their desire. Linux is a general name for the operating systems that are based on Unix.


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    The major difference between these operating systems is that Linux is based on Unix while the Ubuntu is based on Linux. Not to mention that Linux was the first open source software. Meaning that, anyone can make changes according to his desire and use it the way you want.

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    There is not much difference in the price of both operating systems but Linux costs more to its users.

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    Adding to that, Linus Torvalds developed a ‘Linux Kernel’ in 1991 on which the Linux system was based on.

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    Similarly, Linux surfaced the operating systems market in 1991 whereas the Ubuntu came recently in 2004.

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    Linux has a wide variety of distributions that includes Ubuntu. Ubuntu is part of Linux while Linux is not a part of Ubuntu.

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    Most of the people use Microsoft windows in their desktop computers. After the launch of Linux, due to its extreme complexity, it was limited to the server computers only and the main target market was professionals. In contrast, Ubuntu has changed the trend and people have now started considering using the Linux based operating system on their personal computers.

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    Ubuntu is comparatively easier to use than the Linux. Not to mention that its improved user friendliness has made many people install it on their desktop PCs.

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    Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds whereas Ubuntu was introduced by Mark Shuttleworth. No doubt that Ubuntu is based on Linux but the multi-millionaire Shuttleworth made it much suitable to use than the other operating systems.

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    Linux has a wide variety of distributions including Mandriva, Suse, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.

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    Unlike Linux and other distributions, Ubuntu is relatively more popular in terms of usage in the desktop computers. Linux is too difficult to understand even by the professional while Ubuntu has made the task easier.

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