Difference Between Secretion and Excretion

Secretion and excretion are two different things that are considered as one thing by the general public. The two terms are elated to the biological world and only the set of doctors can truly differentiate between the two things that are going to discuss here in this certain article. The human body in-takes a lot of food every days as it is a requirement for the body of the living people. This food is taken over the complete period of the day at regular intervals as the human body cannot live and function without the presence of this food. The food gives energy to the body of the living organisms and almost all of the human beings and the living things require energy to survive. This energy is also meant to come in a direct manner as the human body cannot make out enough energy for itself from indirect resources such as various other living things such as bacteria and viruses.  As the living things gain this food, there also must be a mode created by the GOD of getting rid of these food products and energy sources. Hence, the mode that has been set up by the creator of the living things is Excretion and Secretion. These are two basic phenomenons of medical sciences that are occurring in every persona and are reflex actions and a person cannot control these. The most important thing to learn on this matter is that the secretion and excretion are basically things and processes that deal with the discharge and removal of fluid from the body of the person, however, wastes in the form of solids are also required to be removed from the person’s body and the mechanism for them has also been established in a human body. Secretion can be distinguished from excretion by a person as this involves the loss of fluid from the body via the skin. However, in excretion, the excretory system of the person is involved and it is a much more complex system than secretion.


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    In secretion, the glands and the buds which are present on the skin of the person are used to discharge the fluids from the body which contain wastes.

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    Excretion is the process where the whole mechanism of kidneys and waste organs are used to excrete both solid and liquid wastes from the body of the person so that it can remain healthy.

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