How to Easily Burn Copies of DVD Movies Using

Programs you will need for this procedure:

To decrypt: DVD Decrypter –
To process: DVD2one – DVD2one
To burn to DVD: CopyToDVD


Nero Express

Step 1 – Coping the movie to your hard disk
Most DVD’s are encrypted and need to be decrypted before you can process them with a DVD copy program. Since decrypting DVD’s can be against the law in your country, this part is not included in DVD copy software. It is a very easy to use decryption software and can do the job in about 20 minutes. Make sure that you are using the right DVD media for your burner. DVD+R is not the same as DVD-R!

Setup for DVD Decrypter –

Set Mode to “file mode”.

Make sure all options are disabled, so for instance do not enable Multi Angle Processing!

Do not merge the vob files to one big file, keep them seperate.

Step 2 – Process the movie
On the first screen, select the source and destination directories.

Create a destination directory called VIDEO_TS to copy the decrypted files to. I use C:\DVD TEMP\Decrypted DVD\VIDEO_TS. The folder VIDEO_TS must be in CAPS.

Place the DVD in your DVD /RW drive and the program will automatically select only the movie files. You will not have to select any other files. (It works best in the “file mode”). Make sure the Source is set to your DVD drive and the Destination is set to C:\DVD TEMP\Decrypted DVD\VIDEO_TS. Then start the copy/decryption process.

This is what your screen will look like when the movie is ready to copy:

When the program is finished decrypting close the program.

Step 3 – Process the decrypted files using DVD2one
Next the decrypted files will need to be processed using DVD2one. The files will be processed so they will fit on one DVD! No need to spread the movie over two DVDs! To do this; create another directory called C:\DVD Temp\Destination DVD\VIDEO_TS (make sure that “VIDEO_TS” is in CAPS).

Start DVD2one and select the Source and Destination Directory as shown below.

DVD2one version 1.0.0 screen shown

Then click “Next”.

Now you will see this screen:

Select the longest Title. It is usually listed first. In this example you would select the one that is 1:38:47 long. This is the movie.

Click “Next”.

Now you will see this screen:

Select the audio tracks and subtitles you want to include in your copy. It is recommended to include only those audio tracks you really need. This saves additional space for the video stream.

Also select the angle you want to keep. Usually the first one is the one you want. This feature is mostly used by studios to display texts and credits in different languages according to match the audio language you have chosen. For instance, on “Star Wars” it is used for the 3D scrolling intro text.

Check one box from the Audio area, one box from the Subtitle area and highlight “Angle 1” (I usually check the box for AC3 6ch in English for good surround sound).

Then click “Start”. After about 20 minutes you are ready to BURN the movie to a DVD.

Step 4 – Burn the movie to DVD
DVD2one does not deliver an image for a specific recording software, but dvd compliant files instead. This means that you can burn the movie with any dvd recording software.

�· Make sure that the files are in a VIDEO_TS directory.

�· Make sure that the disk name, directory name, and file names are in CAPITALS.

�· When you use Nero, make sure you have V5.5.10.13 (or higher).

The easiest way to burn the DVD is to use CopyToDVD. DVD2one 1.02 has direct support for it.

�· If you have installed CopyToDVD, DVD2one 1.02 will detect this and add an extra option on the first screen.

Ã?· If you enable the option ‘Burn files with CopyToDVD’ on the first screen, after processing is successfully completed, the result will be directly written to your recordable/rewritable.

You can also burn to DVD using Nero (Nero Express):

Start Nero Express and select “DVD Video”.

On this screen you will add all the files processed by DVD2one. Then click “next”.

On the next screen you simply name the disk (optional), select the number of copies that you want to burn and select “burn”.

If a recordable DVD is in your DVD burner the burn will start.

In about 25 minutes you will have a perfect copy of the DVD movie on one DVD disk!


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