How to Employ an M18a1 Claymore Mine

The Claymore Mine is a green plastic sleeve with 1.5 lbs. of C 4 plastic explosive lining the back wall. The front wall is lined with a plastic sheet containing ball bearings. The only way that I actually know to get hands on experience with a Claymore Mine is to join the military. The Claymore is one of many things that you learn in boot camp. Impress your friends with the knowledge, but do not attempt to build or employ a claymore unless you are a demolition expert.

Things you will need:

  • M18a1 Claymore Mine
  • M7 Bandoleer
  • M40 Test Set
  • M57 Firing Device
  • M4 Electric Blasting Cap
  • Spool of firing wire
  • Insulation tape
  • Demolition Range
  • Step 1 Conduct initial circuit test by hooking together the test set and the firing device. Squeeze the firing device three times. You should see the light in the test set come on all three times.
  • Step 2 Unspool at least 20 meters of wire. Tie the loose end of at your firing point.
  • Step 3 Move down range, taking all equipment with you. Extend the bipod legs and push into the ground.
  • Step 4 Aim the Claymore using the peepsight. You should aim at ground level, about 50 meters in front of the Claymore.
  • Step 5 Arm the Claymore by screwing the blasting cap in.
  • Step 6 Re-aim the Claymore incase the aim was knocked off when arming.
  • Step 7 Move back to the firing point with all equipment, and conduct a final circuit test.
  • Step 8 Make sure you are behind adequate cover, and fire the Claymore by squeezing the firing device.

The firer always keeps the firing device. The mine says “Front Towards Enemy” on the front. Enough Said. The training Claymore Mine will be blue instead of green. Make sure to be behind the claymore at least 20 meters when firing. Make sure you are a trained professional, or are in the presence of a trained professional before attempting this.

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