How to Escape a Ticket

It happens to the best of us. While driving on your local road, city street, or highway, you see bright red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. A few seconds later come the dreaded police sirens. You may not know why you are being pulled over by a cop (or maybe you do), but at this point you do know that you are now probably about to get the dreaded ticket. Here is where most give up, resigned to the fate of a hefty fine and inevitable insurance premium hike, but I am here to tell you that all is not lost. If you play your cards right, you just may get out of a ticket scot-free!

5. Preventative Maintanance

First off you must remember that for a police officer to legally pull you over he must give you a valid reason. So the best way to make sure you never give them the opportunity. Always try to obey traffic laws (It’s probably a lost cause, I know, but I felt I hadto put that in).

Also, always remember to keep your car in good condition. One of the easiest reasons for a cop to pull you over is if something is broken on your car. The most common car issues would be a broken taillight/headlamp or a cracked windshield. So be careful if you have any of these problems and get them fixed immedietly.

4. Look your best

First impressions are everything. If you dress and carry yourself like a respectible person, the officer will see this. Officers are like any other person, they can help you out if they believe you are the type of person worth helping. If you look like an anarchist, satan worshipping, wierdo to them, they will not want to help you. Unless they are scared by you, but I wouldn’t try to go that route. However if you look like an upstanding, innocent, law-abiding citizen, that will leave an impression on the officer and possibly impact whether or not he decides to give you a ticket. And of course, if you are an attractive female I’m sure that can’t hurt either.

3. Knowing Protocol

If thing that will guarantee to get you on a cops bad side is doing the wrong thing when pulled over. First off you must never, I repeat NEVER, get out of your car unless directed. Doing so is like asking to get frisked and handcuffed. That aside, follow these siple steps after you have pulled over to the side of the road; Open your window, turn off your car, have your liscense and registration in hand, and sit tight with your seatbelt still on. Do not move unless the officer directs you to do so.

2. Be Polite

Treat the officer like you would like to be treated. Remember that he is just doing his job, he didn’t invent the speed limit. Even if you are absolutely sure that he is wrong and you are right, do not become aggressive or threatening. You are never going to get your way if you become aggressive with a cop. He has a gun, you don’t (if you do though I hope it’s legal!).

Sometimes the key to getting let off with a warning is to just charm your way out of it.

1. Having All the Right Tools

Preperation is key in these situations. There are various ways to gain the favor of a police officer. First and foremost is making him believe that you are a good friend of the police. Here comes into play the infamous PBA cards. The PBA stands for the Police Benevolent Association. Pretty much every cop in the country is a member of one of these organizations. Generally speaking, anyone can get a PBA card, but not all of them are equal. Often you can get a basic one by donating to andowment for a fallen officer’s family or to other police organizations. This may or may not get you a basic PBA card. But the best way to get a card is to know a cop, be related to one, or better yet married to one. If you have a close connection to an officer then you may be lucky enough to get a personalized card with his badge number on it. When you get pulled over and show this to the officer and he sees the card with a badge number on it, he’ll know that you are close with another cop, and most police officers respect this and will dramatically increase your chances of being let off.

Use these tips to make sure you have the best chance possible to avoid getting a ticket and the costs that come with it. But always remember that the best way to avoid a ticket altogether is to drive safely and obey the law. While it is great to know how to get out of a ticket, it’s best to never have to.

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