Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat: No Car Should Be Without it

Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat is a revolutionary product that no car should be without. Even if your tires seem fine, toss a can in the trunk for emergencies. Should you have a flat tire, help is right at your fingertips. Although Fix-A-Flat doesn’t work on every flat tire, there are many instances where it can help – and actually hold for quite some time.

My first experience with Fix-A-Flat was when I got up one morning and went to my car only to find that I had a flat, for no apparent reason. My oldest son suggested I get a can of Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat to see if it would help.

The Fix-A-Flat costed less than five bucks and worked perfectly. It dispenses as somewhat of a foam but is actually a rubber compound that seals leaks instantly. There are no tools needed to use Fix-A-Flat. The can comes with a rubber hose and adapter to fit any tire. Inject the entire can of solution into the tire, then drive on it a few miles to make sure the rubber seals.

The Fix-A-Flat not only fixes the leak in the tire, but it also inflates the tire in the meanwhile. So, no matter where you have a flat, you won’t have to wait for tow trucks or someone with an air tank. Just fill the tire with Fix-A-Flat and go.

In old days it was necessary to jack the car up, take the tire off the rim, insert a new inner tube, put the tire back on the rim and then inflate it. Later came spare tires, and even tires with no inner tubes. But, there still was no product that could be directly dispensed into the tire to fix a flat and inflate the tire.

There were, however, products that would dispense from a can to air your tire back up, but if you had a puncture, these were virtually useless. Upon the manufacturing of Fix-A-Flat, the world has changed. No longer do women have to be stranded along side the road, not knowing what to do, unable to remove the old tire. No longer do people have to call for help, after walking a distance to the phone, just because of a simple flat tire.

I highly recommend Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat, since, over the years, I have tried similar products that didn’t work as well. One similar product I tried just let the foam come out of the opening, but it wouldn’t go into the tire, it just dripped all over the ground. Another product I tried did not inflate the tire.

Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat is a must for anyone who travels, especially moms with children in the car. Now we women really can fix a flat tire – and you thought we couldn’t do it!

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