How to Find a Good Autosurfing Website

Autosurfing can be a risky business. There is no method of refund for your original investment, if the website closes due to bankruptcy or mismanagement. Choosing an autosurfing website can seem like a big risk, but there are some things you can do and look for in choosing a good site. Understand that doing all the “right” things don’t mean that you won’t lose your money, it just gives you better odds on returning a profit on your original investment. There are some good sites but you have to find the one that is right for you. If you are thinking of starting your own site there are some helpful hints for you as well in this article.

As a consumer, the person using the website, you need to look at and evaluate a few things before you decide on a company. The numbers of days the upgrades last is very important as this tell you how many days of profit you will make. The higher the number of days the upgrade lasts the more profit you will make. You also need to check the percentage earned per day for upgrades. This can be a little tricky so here is a quick way to figure it out.Lets say you find a program that the upgrade is 100 dollars, last for 365 days, and the earning rate is one percent daily. How long do you think it would take you to make back your original investment?It would take 100 days to make back your investment . That leaves 265 for you to make a profit. Now take that 265 days and multiply it times the original percentage of earning , which was one percent. Now you have 265% which you take and divide by how long the upgrade last, which in this case was 365 days. This gives you a total of 0.73% of earning per day. It sounds a little confusing but as long as you know number of days the upgrade lasts, the daily earning percentage and the amount of the upgrade you can always figure out your true daily earning percentage. If your still thinking about joining some auto surfing websites here are lots of places to check the site. There are several forums and monitor sites that will tell you a lot about these sites but just remember that some of the postings at the forums are sometime snot done by the most impartial people.

Now that you know what to look for lets talk about what you need to look out for. Considering that autosurfing hasn’t been around for a real long time, checking the age of the website isn’t always the best to determine weither they are a stable autosurfing website. Checking the daily profits is a good place to start. Just remember some things are to good to be true. I f the daily profits are really high, then thin twice about choosing this site. Sometimes a dishonest website will list there daily earnings as extremely high to get more people to upgrade.

If your already registered at some autosurfing sites then there are still a few things that could give you a heads up that the company is in trouble. If the company stops responding to contact requests and emails, the beware. This could possibly mean that the company is getting ready to close its website.

If your thinking of autosurfing to promote a website then you should consider a few things before you do. The webpage should load very fast. The faster the load the better chance of someone seeing it. You also need to get the autosurfers attention quickly so you should keep the page short , sweet and informative. Catchy phrases, cool logos, or a great web design would work well. Consider that eh average surfer only sees the webpage for a few seconds, so you need something that will grab their attention and make them want to come back to your web site later.

Autosurfing is an easy way to make some money, just remember to do your research before you choose the right one for you. There are a lot of companies out there who are honest and fair.

Autosurfing is a great way to advertise your own site or one you happen to be promoting. Its also a cool way to make some money. You get to be your own boss, don’t have to spend hours on the phone or sending out emails trying to recruit people, and you don’t have to sell anything. All you have do in return is sit back and automatically surf some web pages. It’s a great way to start out if your just beginning in a home based business.

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