How to Fix a Hole in a Wall

Have you or someone you know ever put a hole in your wall on purpose or not? It can be a real pain in the neck and is very unpleasant to look at as well. There are many different ways to fix holes in walls but I have a trick that is very cheap and you can’t tell the difference from if you did it the more costly way. Also this way is much less time consuming.

Ok, depending on the size of the hole you may need to use your own discretion on the material used. The two constants that you will need are the spackle or repair material and a trowel, or if the hole is small enough I just use my finger.

All you need to do is get some sort of material like paper towel or newspaper, again, depending on the size of the hole and stuff the hole with it until you have about Ã?¼” deep hole. You want to make sure that the material you have chosen can be compacted fairly hard to create a sturdy backing. After you stuff the hole with your chosen material, gently place some spackle in the hole without knocking the backing out of the hole and back behind the wall. You want to let this first layer dry pretty well, once it’s dried you can go ahead and fill the rest of the hole.

After the hole is packed with spackle you need to make sure that it doesn’t stick out past the wall, so you may need to sand it down a bit. When you are putting your final layer of spackle in you can try and simulate the texture that is already on the wall, if the hole is pretty small no one will ever notice that there is a

difference. You want to pack it in pretty good and let it dry in between applications, this will create a harder base and also make the edges nice and tight. If you just loosely pack it in it will move and crack, then you have to start over.

This is a pretty easy fix and it really does look just as good as if you were using a more professional technique. Sometimes you will have drywall that is caved in; in this case you will need to actually cut a hole in the wall to make a smooth easy surface to repair. Don’t try and repair over the concaved drywall, it’s not stable and you will eventually get cracks in you new repair.

So the next time you drill a hole in the wrong place or have a rowdy teenager crashing into your walls, remember, it’s a much easier fix than you might think. Hope this helps…

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