How to Furnish Your Home with Salvaged or Thrift Store Finds

When you are dealing with a budget for your home, the most important thing is to make sure that you stick with it. This is really no easy task when you are trying to get a particular look for your home. The salavage store or the thrift store is often the best place to look for those unique items that will add something special to your home. Below you will find a few tips and ideas on how to find those unique items.

Shop daily

When it comes to thrift stores and salvage stores it pays to shop daily until you find what you want. Your time may be limited but it is really worth the effort to get the best deal. Usually unique pieces of furniture that are still in good shape don’t stay in the store long. If you start your shopping early each day you should be able to find those pieces you need.

Ask when new items arrive

The owners of these stores really just want to make money. This means that if they can get rid of a piece of furniture before it even gathers dusts, that is a quick profit for them. So don’t be afraid to let the store owners know that you are looking for a particular item. Then they will give you a call when it comes in and may even hold it for a day, or just a few hours. If they do agree to hold it for you, be sure to get there quickly because they will not hold it long.

Check the bones

When I say check the bones, I mean to check the structure of the furniture to see how strong it is. Don’t just focus on the outside of an item. It may need to be re- sanded and re-painted to give it a fresh new look. Anything that is made out of a one hundred percent wood can be fixed up and restored to it’s original beauty.

Don’t forget the little pieces

Avoid focusing on just the larger pieces of furniture, there are also plenty of smaller pieces as well. Try to find those little gems that can really make your home look different, and unique. Small items such as lamps, and even end tables can really add a special touch, especially if you are able to fix it up.

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