How to Get Autographs of Your Favorite Athletes or Players Through the Mail

One of the most common unknown facts among sports fans is that getting their favorite athlete or player’s autograph is much easier than they think. Many fans would love a chance to get the autograph of the player they watch all of the time, but they think the only possible way of getting one is by going to the stadium and trying to fight their way through people for a chance.

What many fans don’t know is that their favorite players probably sign autographs through the mail. Fans have been sending their favorite players sports cards, pictures, letters, and many other items through the mail for decades hoping that the athlete will sign their item and send it back. While it can be very difficult to get a top flight athlete’s autograph through the mail, almost every professional athlete will sign an autograph through the mail.

To try and get autographs of your favorite player through the mail, first you need to visit the website for the team they plan on. On the site, you will find an address where you can send fan mail to the players. This is where you will want to send your autograph requests. The typical address to send to will be:

Player’s Name
c/o Team’s Name
City, State Zip

The address that is given is usually the stadium where the team plays or their practice facility. It is also entirely possible to send to the team’s spring training facilities where players tend to sign at a more frequent rate.

When trying to get your favorite player’s autograph through the mail, always send a self addressed stamped envelope along, so that the player can easily return your autographed item to you. Along with the self addressed stamped envelope, include the item you wish to be signed (sports cards are typically the best and easiest) and a brief, friendly letter to the player.

If you send a brief, friendly letter, then the player is likely to take a look at it and see that you honestly want their autograph. Make sure that you handwrite any letter that is an autograph request. More and more people are sending autograph requests for the simple purpose of trying to sell them on the internet. Athletes are starting to catch on and won’t sign autograph requests that may look like they may be only for the purpose of being sold.

When sending autograph requests to your favorite players through the mail, you must have patience. Some players might just not sign at that time or at all, so you will definitely have failures here and there. Other autograph requests might take as long as a few years to be returned. As long as you are patient and try to get autographs through the mail as a hobby, you are likely to find a lot of great successes.

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