How to Get Over Loneliness and Feeling Lonely

In today’s world, it is not uncommon to hear of someone having the feeling of loneliness. No matter what you age, race, or social status is, loneliness can affect all types of people. At some point of just about all of our lives, we have experienced some type of loneliness, whether it is for a brief period of time, or for an extended one. We as people strive for companionship and reassurance from others. Nothing seems better than to have someone who understands you and can empathize with you.

Just because someone is alone, it does not mean that they are lonely. Someone can be alone for a period of time without feeling lonely. They can still enjoy life. However, there are people who can stand the thought of being alone. According to one dictionary, it states that “alone emphasizes being apart from others but does not necessarily imply unhappinessâÂ?¦ lonely often connotes painful awareness of being alone, lonesome emphasizes a plaintive desire for companionship.” Loneliness can feel like an overwhelming feeling. It is a feeling of emptiness and a sense of isolation. But what causes loneliness?

Many times problems or situation in family life can cause loneliness. You may feel rejected because of your physical appearance. It may because of race or weight. Changes in your environment can also cause this feeling. Children who have moved to a new school or new neighborhood may begin to feel alone. If you are married, lack of communication within the marriage can produce uncertainty and isolation. How can someone over come the emotions of loneliness? Though it may not be easy, it is possible.

Keep in mind that no situation is too bad that you can not change. The feeling that you have is not permanent. Do not be unreasonably demanding of yourself, have a proper balance of what you can achieve in a certain amount of time. Feel content about your self and begin developing good habits of eating and exercising, and good a good amount of sleep each night. It is amazing on how much better you will feel when you begin to feel healthy and is active. Avoid fantasizing about other peoples lives, especially movie stars. No one has a perfect life, and fantasizing about these non existent perfect families will only cause you to feel depressed. And first and foremost, if you feel lonely, do not suffer in silence. Acknowledge how you feel and share your thoughts with someone you trust. Talking about it is much better than indulging yourself into alcohol. There is a way to make yourself feel better. With work and determination, you will be able to get over the black cloud that seem to be over you.

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