How to Sell a Gym Membership

Gyms give out memberships, normally on a month-to-month contract basis, to people who want to be in a better physical shape or who just want to train. Gyms are mostly faced with certain markets to cater to and sales can become stale due to this. In order to sell gym memberships you need to have a good knowledge of standard sales strategy and a fresh input of new innovations as market expands.

Moreover, if you are a gym owner, salesperson or manager, it is vital to keep changing your selling techniques every year. Encourage your sales staff and provide them with quality research, marketing and flexibility in order to make it more comfortable for people to become gym members. There are a number of effective ways to sell gym memberships.


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    Check out other gyms in the neighbourhood

    Research other fitness centers in your area. See what services they are offering along with the joining costs. You can only compete with your rivals when you have complete knowledge of their plans, and this will help you gain competitive advantage.

    On the other hand, try to sign up for other gyms’ mailing lists, promotions and catalogs. Note that not all gyms provide these services, but they might have social media pages that can inform gym members of significant changes and offers on the house.

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    Marketing techniques

    Find your competitive advantage and make use of it in verbal communication and marketing. You can include pilates classes, and make provide free personal training sessions. Offer deals that other gyms can’t afford to and promote your gym through special discounts.

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    Seek suitable demographics for your gym. For example, if the gym has a sauna or a pool, you may want to attract aged crowd to laud the impact experience of water-related activities. These people cannot be contacted through email, and direct marketing postcards can be more effective in this case.

    Aim new arrivals to the nearby area. Provide 7-day passes to people who join from the neighbourhood. You can get the lists from the local post office or some marketing agency to keep you informed about people who are moving to your area.

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    New year deals are vital, as a number of gyms see a raise in gym attendance and sign up after people’s new year’s resolutions. Nevertheless, you should also take advantage from good weather, summer holidays, couples memberships and various vacations.

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