How to Get Rid of Skunks

If you’ve ever had a skunk hanging around your house for an extended period of time there are probably a few reasons why. If a skunk finds something to eat on your property once, chances are great that it will continue to come back time and time again. A good way to keep the skunks away is to never put your trash out the night before because they will smell it and attack it until they get something they want. Skunks will eat anything, yes anything, even a dirty baby diaper. They will also eat grubs and larvae in your grass. If you have such insects in your yard and you know it I suggest getting rid of them. You can often tell if this is what is attracting the skunks because you will find little holes in your lawn where the skunks have dug them up. Another way to keep skunks away is to keep your property well lit at night, I know this can be inconvenient but it will only take a little while before they stop coming around. Skunks hunt at night and early morning so keeping the yard lit will detract them from visiting you.

If you already have a skunk or skunk family living in or around your yard the problem may be a little more serious. Skunks like to live under decks or anywhere that they are protected but can get in and out easily. A skunk can get in and out of a place with only a 4″ hole. Animal repellent can work, even the kind that keeps dogs and cats away has been said to keep certain rodents away. A good way to get rid of skunks that have already taken up residence is to put out moth balls, but be very careful to not let children or pets get near them. Moth balls are very poisonous and can really hurt a child or pet. The moth balls are not to kill the skunk but the get them to leave, they hate the smell, moth balls will also get rid of any critter you don’t want around, even snakes.

If you are stuck and none of the above have worked check with the city you live in and see if it is OK to get a trap. They make skunk traps that allow the skunk to get in but don’t allow it to raise it’s tail far enough to spray. Once you trap it take it far away and it should solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, you’re on your own.

If you suddenly start smelling a skunk in the night make sure all the areas around your house are covered well and there are not spots for a skunk or family to live. It’s easier to prevent skunks than it is to get rid of them.

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