How to Get Rid of the Smell of Dog Urine on Concrete

The smell of dog urine on concrete can be overwhelming, especially if it is indoors or just outside a window or door. Even when sod-covered ground is available, some dogs go wherever they please, and this creates a smelly problem for dog owners and sometimes even neighbors. The smell of dog urine on a patio or porch prevents the opening of doors to let fresh air in, and it makes sitting outside less than pleasant.

More often than not, my dog goes on the concrete patio adjacent to the sliding door just beyond my dining room, and opening the door on a warm day brings in the distinctive and highly unpleasant smell of urine. I was able to get rid of the smell using the following natural cleaning tips, and although my dog continues to go on the concrete patio, I am able to enjoy fresh air when opening the sliding door, and I can sit outside on my patio once again.

Natural ways to remove the smell of dog urine from concrete are always cheaper and can be just as effective as expensive store-bought remedies. If you have a problem with the smell of dog urine on a concrete patio, a porch, or even indoors in a basement, give the following tips a try. You have nothing to lose but the smell of dog urine in and around your home.

Precautionary Statement

When using the following dry ingredients to remove the smell of dog urine from concrete, keep pets and children out of the area. Although these natural remedies are not poisonous, they may be ingested by children and pets, and they should be cleaned up and disposed of before allowing access to the location.

Vinegar Wash

To clean and deodorize a large concrete area you will need a clean garden sprayer and a gallon of white vinegar. You will also need ordinary tap water. Mix half water and half vinegar, and fill the sprayer. Spray the concrete with the vinegar and water mixture, and after allowing it to soak in for several minutes, spray it away with a high pressure hose. Allow the concrete to dry completely before using the following natural dry deodorizer that will absorb any leftover odors.

Natural Baking Soda and Charcoal

Once the concrete has dried, cover it with a mixture of baking soda and crushed charcoal briquettes. Allow the dry mixture to remain on the concrete for several hours if possible. After the baking soda and charcoal mixture has been swept up, the concrete should no longer smell like dog urine. Rinse the concrete on a regular basis to prevent any future problems with the odor of dog urine, and encourage your dog to take care of his business elsewhere.

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