How to Get on Jeopardy: One of the Greatest Game Shows

I love game shows. I watch The Price is Right every day and I also watch Wheel of Fortune from time to time. However, my favorite game show of all time is Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a great game show for many reasons. First a foremost, Jeopardy is one of the great game shows because it is a straightforward game show. This simply means that you don’t have to eat a bug, sleep with someone, or stab people in the back on Jeopardy.

Also, Jeopardy is an intellectual game show In other words, Jeopardy makes people feel like they are adding to their intelligence rather than taking away from it. It challenges viewers and contestants alike with hard and very hard questions at different levels of monetary values. Jeopardy has many brain teasers to keep viewers and contestants glued to their television. Most people know how Jeopardy works as far as how the game is played; the bigger mystery is how to actually succeed in getting to be a contestant on Jeopardy.

This article could help to unlock the mystery of how to get on this great game show.

Jeopardy is perhaps the hardest game show to get on. It is claimed to only ten percent of the people who try out to be on Jeopardy actually makes it on the show. That means that ninety percent of the people who try out for Jeopardy don’t make it on the show. This is probably the test is so hard. And, that is probably because the producers of Jeopardy wish to keep the intellectual integrity of Jeopardy up to par.

And, it really doesn’t help matters to know the Alex Trebek, the show’s host, can answer about ninety percent of the questions posed on Jeopardy correctly. For those people who wish to get on Jeopardy, here are a few tips on how to pass the written and mock game test that the producers put hopeful contestants through.

I think that people have to have a wide rage of broad knowledge in all subjects in order to get on Jeopardy. This is due to the fact that there is no way to know what type of questions that will be asked on Jeopardy; and that what makes getting on Jeopardy very hard to get on. There are many questions on Jeopardy that deal with the humanities, culture, pop culture, the arts, and the sciences. One of the most annoying categories on Jeopardy is opera. But, people will certainly need to have knowledge about opera if they hope to get on Jeopardy.

Also, if you are lucky enough to get on Jeopardy, you will have to keep studying and boning up on subjects in order to keep winning on Jeopardy. The average contestant only stays on the Jeopardy for two shows. If you are lucky to get pass the written test for Jeopardy, then, you will have to through a mock game of Jeopardy with two other people. This mock game of Jeopardy is done to see how people would handle the pressure of being on a game show.

In this stage of the process, you will need to show off your intelligence however, don’t be too cocky about how smart you are because then people will not root for you on Jeopardy. In short, intelligence and personality are the ingredients for getting on Jeopardy. Good Luck!

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