NBC’s Passions: Online Websites Devoted to the Soap Opera

If you are a soap opera watcher then it is likely that you have heard of Passions before. Passions is a soap opera that is unique and controversial, all at the same time. Whether it be witches, mermaids, or returning from the dead, Passions is full of surprises. These surprises are what have fans turning in each day for more.

Soap opera watchers, including those who watch Passions, regularly like to read up on the show. Whether it is viewing daily recaps, reading spoilers, or watching video previews, there are a large number of fans who search for more information. That is why a large number of websites have been devoted to Passions. If you are interested in finding a website that regularly updates information on this popular soap opera then you should keep on reading. Below is a summary of two popular websites centered on Passions.

NBC is the network that airs Passions and it is one of the best places to find information on the show. The NBC website is located at www.nbc.com. To get to the Passions page, you must select the show from the daytime menu. Once you are at NBC’s Passions webpage you will be able to read daily recaps, get a look at sneak peeks, and participate in other fun activities. NBC always has a poll and other fun activities for fans of the show Passions.

For up-to-date information of Passions you are encouraged to visit Dustin’s Passions Page. This website is located at http://www.soapoperafan.com. Once at the main page you will have to click on the Passions link. This Passions webpage is updated daily with show recaps and much more. You can find spoilers, rumors, and other gossip surrounding the drama on the show. If you are also a fan of the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives then this website is also for you.

Despite the fact that Passions regularly rates low in the ratings, there are a large number of viewers who turn into see the drama on a daily basis. Passions airs each weekday on NBC. Reruns of the show were airing daily each morning on the Sci-Fi channel. At the current time, the show has temporarily been taken off the air. Right now, it is uncertain whether or not reruns of the show will return. Only the ratings and the fans will help decided how long this unique show stays on the air.

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