The Apprentice Re-cap

As The Apprentice comes to another end, we were reminded in the first 5 minutes of the show’s season finale of what the task was, who caused some drama and at the end and who was fired from previous tasks.

Kudos to Mr. Trump for only having a one-hour season’s finale. In the audience you could see contestants from past seasons, a few celebrities and supporters of the show.

Bill and Kelly were both also at the table (1st and 2nd season’s winners). Mr. Trump sat proudly at the head of a boardroom set with his trusty sidekicks Carolyn and George.

Yes they do have a sense of humor, but not always. Tana at the beginning of her final mission called her teammates “stooges” which both Carolyn and George did not appreciate.

But here’s something we didn’t know about Tana before. In the Pontiac task it showed Kendra finishing the project all night while Tana and Craig slept.

“Don’t get me started!” proclaimed Tana during the live broadcast due to the fact that we never saw before Tana had created the idea of the round booklet. At the moment I’m unsure if I should give her props for sticking up for herself or sway in the direction that there was still so much other work that Kendra had done.

It seemed like there were just too many commercial breaks. Or when someone was answering they would be cut off quickly. Some past and present constantents have changed since the show aired. Some have had hair cuts and dyes.

Props to Chris for working on his temper which was shown when Mr. Trump asked him a question about the 2 final women. At the end it was Kendra who won and is now set to work in FL on a beautiful mansion. Whether you were rooting for Tana or Kendra, it’s a refreshing change to see a women now be Mr. Trump’s Apprentice.

Next up is Martha Stewart’s version of the Apprentice and later this Fall a new season of The Apprentice.

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