How to Get the Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of Your Life

If you’re a non-smoker, but have happened across a smoker’s furniture, house or car, you can pick up on that smell right away.

Don’t despair; there are some things you can do to try to get that smoke smell out of your inheritance. The lighter the smell, the easier it will be to get out.


You can try various sprays like Febreeze, but quite honestly you’ll wind up with a couch smelling like smoke mixed with flowers. It’s worth a shot if you want to give it a try.

More realistically, you can rub down your furniture with baking soda to neutralize the odors. Let it sit for a while, and then vacuum up. Or, you could invest in having it steam cleaned, either with your own machine or professionally.


Rent a carpet shampooer, this is your best chance to get the smell out. Apply baking soda liberally to the carpet, let it set and then shampoo. It might take you a few pass-overs to get the smell out.


Mix a cup of vinegar with two cups warm water, add a scoop of baking powder and wash. You will have a fizzly, bubbly mixture, but it helps to break up the “scum” that has built up on the walls. You might have to use a little extra elbow grease.

If all else fails, paint. Make sure you do the best cleaning job you can, and if it doesn’t come off, you’ll have no choice but to paint.


Use the vinegar, water, and baking soda mix and rub down your windows and anything plastic or metal. Treat your fabric seats in the same way you would treat your furniture. It’s best if you can let the baking soda sit overnight on your seats, and then vacuum up the next day.

You can leave a bowl of vinegar on the front seat and run the heat with all the windows closed for roughly an hour. I honestly haven’t tried this trick. The vinegar smell dissipates fairly quickly, so it might be worth a try.

Try leaving a bag of charcoal in the car overnight, it will absorb the smells leftover.

If all else fails, you might have to cut your losses. Some cigarette smoke can be fairly easy to remove, but if you’re dealing with a heavy smoker, it can get difficult. Do your best, but be prepared for the worst.

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