How to Get the Manufacturer to Pay for Repairs on Your Car

Lemon laws have now been passed so that a consumer doesn’t get stuck with a vehicle that gives them problem after problem. But you could have an issue with your vehicle and not even know it. Or maybe you know it but don’t know what to do about it, besides pay to have it fixed yourself.

Some cars are recalled because there’s a problem that could risk the safety of the driver or others on the road. But, not all cars are recalled if there’s a problem. If the issue is something that can leave you stranded, or can just cause you mechanical problems, the company doesn’t necessarily recall the cars.

According to the Center For Auto Safety (CAS), more than 500 secret automobile warranties are being withheld from the public each year. They’re based on a “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” theory of the auto industry. The warranties cover defects in cars that were sold with the manufacturer knowing full well that there was a problem in the manufacturing process. But, if you don’t know about the warranty, you can’t claim it.

Vehicle problems that the factory knows about but isn’t telling you, could include problems with paint jobs, transmissions, motors, power steering, and other important mechanical issues. In order to have these issues resolved, without any money out of your pocket, you must first learn about any existing secret warranties.

The CAS is a non-profit organization that keeps track of these warranties, as well as other big auto industry secrets and mistakes. They will share this information with you whether your car has already experienced issues or not. Go to their site, put in your car’s make, model and year, then see if the results produce any warranties for your particular car.

If there are secret warranties for your car you can make arrangements for the manufacturer to replace a faulty part, fix a broken piece, and other issues. You must know certain required information, though, and that’s difficult – if not impossible – to find out about without companies like CAS. CAS will not only tell you if there is a secret warranty on your particular vehicle, but will tell you the steps required to resolve the issue. The company charges a small yearly fee to become a member and will offer more services besides the info for auto warranties.

For the fee you can also find out about auto recalls, class action law suits against auto makers, auto industry fines, air bag problems, tire problems, seat belt issues, crash test results, and much more. And, it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is brand new or 10 years old. If the warranty is still good, they’ll let you know.

Vehicles are expensive – too expensive to leave you stranded yet still paying the payments and repairs. Find out if your vehicle has a manufacturer’s error before you get stuck with the repairs. The auto industry owes it to you.

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