How To Select an Automotive Screw Jack

The screw jack helps in pulling, lifting and pushing heavy machines or packages etc. Two types of jack systems are normally used including mechanical and electrical jack systems. An automotive screw jack is the most common example that allows drivers and other car mechanics to lift their cars so that they could get beneath the car to fix a problem. The automotive screw jack has made it very simple to elevate your car without consuming much power and also putting it down without facing any trouble.

However, there are many automotive screw jacks available in the market but many of these jacks are made of poor quality materials. They do not last for a longer period of time and when you use these jacks, they sometimes get jammed and become useless. So, while selecting an automotive screw jack you need to look different aspects.

Many people do not know how to select automotive screw jack that could work well for them. This is the main reason that causes them loss as they pick a poor quality jack and end up in getting no benefit. So, if you want to select an automotive screw jack and do not know how to do it, do not panic.


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    At first, research the internet and get  an idea about the features or specifications of a good quality automotive screw jack. You will get a better idea of what kind of jack you should look for.

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    Now decide what type of automotive screw jack you want to buy and then compare prices of different online stores that are selling automotive screw jack and chose the most economic one for you.

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    If you are not sure whether you should buy an automotive screw jack from an online store, then you can also visit the supplier or manufacturer.

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    By visiting the manufacturer, you can ask questions directly to the staff and if you think they are offering a top quality automotive screw jack, buy it.

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    Before leaving the manufacturer’s place, ask them to show you that how an automotive screw jack works. It will give you satisfaction that you have purchased the right product.

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    Also check if the manufacturer offers a warranty for automotive screw jack. If it does, then also confirm that when the warranty will get expired.

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