How to Select a Portable GPS Navigation System for Your Vehicle

You should be very careful while choosing a Global Positioning System (GPS) for your vehicle. Due to its high cost, it is hard for many people to change their navigation system. Not to mention, with the vast variety of navigation systems in the market, it becomes one of the toughest decision for an individual to make. Thus, you must keep a lot of things in mind while on the verge of purchasing the navigation system and do not just focus on buying low price navigation systems.


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    If you are about to make the purchase decision, the first thing you should consider about it is to check whether the navigation system is convenient and user friendly or not? You do not want to waste you money on a complex navigation system that will require an extra amount of effort to understand it before trying to operate. This not only involves the software but you should also make sure that the screen of the system is neither too small nor too big.

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    Voice clarity

    You surely do not want to buy a system that has issues with voice clarity. A system whose voice is hard to understand or which does not understand the words you are saying is of no good to use. Thus, you must ensure that the speech output of the system is up to the mark and it will serve the purpose.

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    Battery recharging

    You should check the battery time of the navigation system and confirm that it has a rechargeable battery that can be easily charged in your car. You should also consider question like: How much time will it require to full charge the battery? How long the battery will last? How can you recharge the battery?

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    Some systems are too advanced that they are not compatible with average vehicles. You should also confirm that after the system is installed in your car, it will work properly.

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    Availability of Maps

    You must confirm that which types of maps are available in the system and make sure that it will provide what you need.

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    Functioning in underground areas

    You should also check that the system will work properly in underpasses, tunnels and bridges and its functioning will not be obstructed in these areas.

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    Size of the system

    Make sure that the size of the system is adequate according to your vehicle and your needs.

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