How to Hang Mini Blinds

The most common and simple blind for the home or apartment is the mini blind. These are cheap and durable blinds that will keep any home private. But how in the world do you hang these things?

I am about to answer your question. Follow my step-by-step instructions on how to hang mini blinds and get the results you want. Here we go.

Step 1- You need to find out the size of blinds you will need. Do this by measuring both the height and width of your window. You will find that mini blinds are sold in many different sizes and you can choose yours by looking at the box. It will have both the length and width on there. Choose yours.

Step 2- Now you are going to remove the blinds you have hanging right now if you have not already done so. When you open your mini blinds and look at them, maybe even measure them, you will find out that they are 2 inches less in length than what it says on the box. That is because they have 2 inches removed to fit inside of your window properly. Make sure to note this when buying your mini blinds.

Step 3- It is a good idea now to open the mini blinds fully and hold them into place. One person should hold the mini blinds in place with the window while another person steps back to observe the fitting. If the mini blinds do not fit correctly, now would be the time to stop what you are doing and return the blinds with all their belongings. If the mini blinds do fit properly, feel free to continue on with the next step.

Step 4- Remove the old brackets and replace with the new brackets. To ensure you have the brackets placed correctly. There is nothing worse than un-level blinds. They may get a couple laughs here and there from house visitors, but that is about all they will do.

Step 5- Use a pencil to mark the bracket holes. Remove the brackets to reveal the markings. Now take one of the screws that came with the blinds and drill it into the marked area. Remove the screw and place the bracket back where it belongs on the window. Now you can use a screwdriver or drill and screw the brackets in place on the window. Pre-drilling holes will make it easier on you when screwing the brackets in place.

Step 6- Now that both of your brackets are set in place, place each end of the mini blinds into each bracket. Take another look at the blinds from a distance to make sure they are still even. If they are not even, take them down and try again. If the blinds are even, use the bracket slip covers, slip them over the bracket and in front of the blinds to hold the blinds in place.

And that is how you hang mini blinds!

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