How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales are a good way to get rid of any unwanted clutter around the house and make some extra cash off your unwanted belongings. However, sometimes having a successful yard sale is not as easy as it sounds. How can you guarantee that people are going to want to buy your items? How can you tell if you are going to get any customers at all? The following are some tips on how to help you have a successful yard sale:

�Get the Word Out
How can people possibly turn up to your yard sale if they do not even know that there is one? There are a number of ways in which you could advertise, including posters, leaflets and even online advertisements. Creating a leaflet doesn’t take long and anybody with a computer and a printer can print some off and have them delivered within a couple of hours. Posters can be placed in busy areas such as supermarkets or in local shops. However, don’t just limit your advertising to local areas. If you go online, you can advertise your sale on various websites which should attract potential customers from any surrounding areas.

You also shouldn’t just concentrate on where you are advertising, but also on how you are going to advertise the sale. A bright, clear, colorful heading usually grabs people’s attention, so make sure the title of your advertisement is catchy and colorful. Also, you can highlight certain items that are available for sale. This way, people will know what to expect without wasting yours or their time. A low price will bring people to your sale so if you have some items at bargain prices, say so!

�Check Local Laws
Before placing any flyers anywhere, you should check with your local government to see where you are permitted to put the signs. There are some strict laws regarding advertising in some places, so it is always worth checking out. Some possible places that may require a permit include fences, trees and private signs. If you put up signs illegally, you can get into quite a lot of trouble that may cause you to be hit with a hefty fine.

�Make Sure You Have Enough Change
Something many people do not think about is that when a customer wants to buy something, they may not have the correct amount of money and they may have to give you more than the total amount due. This means that you will have to give them change and if you haven’t got any, how can you make the sale? It is best to have readily available a variety of change along with smaller bills, so that you are able to complete all sales.

�Do Not Have a Yard Sale Too Many Times
It is acceptable to have a yard sale every now and again, but if you have one every weekend, you could end up losing a lot of business. People like yard sales because they are one off sales and they hope to grab a bargain – they don’t want something that is going to be there each week. It can also annoy neighbors who mind the constant traffic and noise that a yard sale can create.

Overall a successful yard sale needs just three things to make it a success: good advertising, a variety of goods, and a friendly smile.

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