Setting Up an EBay Store

Have a product that you would like to get to the most people you can? Then it may be time to set up an eBay store.

An eBay store allows you take advantage of eBay’s reputation in order to sell your goods. The storefront is highly customizable, and you can take advantage of marketing tools and business analysis instruments to get your eBay store noticed and measure its growth.

All eBay stores come with bulk mail managers with customizable e-mail remplates, as well as ways to get feedback and manage your numbers. Keep in mind that is on top of eBay referral credits, having someone else do the accounting, and having your very own promotion boxes. Also, the store features tracking of page views and keywords used to get to your site. Stores are also given priority over items that are just listed.

There are even different types of eBay stores in order to suit your business. The basic store is good for beginning business, and is good for testing the waters. The featured storefront has access to auto-list and re-list, as well as access to free eBay keywords and advanced tracking. The anchorhead storefront has all the features of the featured store, as well as more keywords, and extended support hours.

Also, the level of store determines the number of pages in your eBay store and the number of e-mails you may send each month.

Cross-promoting your eBay store is also easy, as you can set up non-store items to come into your store. You can also trade items into and out of your eBay store, allowing you to find combinations that work, and allow your hot-selling items to promote your store. Opening an eBay store can be great for your on-line business.

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