How to Have an Elegant Wedding on a Budget

Nowadays most people are on very tight budget when it comes to planning their wedding. Having a wedding on a budget is definitely something that can be done. Why spend a ton of money on a one-day event? And you really do not have to spend a lot of money in order to have a nice and elegant wedding. Having a beautiful wedding can be done and in good taste, if you take the time to shop around. Here are several suggestions and tips that you can use when planning your wedding.

First you may think about planning your reception at the reception hall or at a church, it cost a lot less then renting a hotel ballroom but is still large enough to hold all of your guest. Also you could think about having your dress made, by a friend or a family member, you will be amazed at the amount of money that you can save. Many people have also had their friends and family cater the occasion. The food would actually be their gift to you, or you could pay for the food, and just have them cook it. Think about making your own party favors as well, most party supply stores now offer many different varieties of party favors that come with do it yourself instructions.

When it comes to scheduling your wedding try picking a date that is off peak season, like late spring, early summer. When choosing your flowers for your bouquets try to choose flowers that are in season. There is nothing wrong with having your bridesmaids carry a single rose or maybe 4 flowers with a ribbon tied around the bottom.

Invitations can be done at home on your computer it really is very simple and they sell wedding invitation kits at almost every office supply or party store. This way you can get the invitation look that you want, and save a slew of money. If you are planning a large wedding then you should expect to spend a little more, and still try to look for ways to cut your budget in half. Also keep in mind that wedding’s are for you, your family, and your closest friends.

You should not feel obligated to invite everyone you have ever met. Another great idea for those planning on a large wedding, why not have a afternoon wedding and just serving brunch. There is no law that says weddings have to have a four course meal. And instead of having an open bar why not have a cash bar. If your guest really want to have an open bar then they should not mind paying for it.

If you plan on having your wedding in late spring, early summer you may think about having your wedding in a park. Most parks have gazebo’s that can be used for weddings and you can rent tents and tables. Or if the tents are too expensive some parks have facilities that you can rent, and they usually accommodate lots of guest. When it comes to taking pictures think about hiring a family member or friend that is good at taking pictures.

You may also try using disposable cameras on each table this way your guest’s can take their own pictures. Instead of getting a limo why not just do without it. You can rent a car and it will be less expensive than renting a limo and just as nice. Some women do love evening weddings they are very beautiful and make the setting even more romantic. You could serve hor devours, and champagne or wine during the reception.

Add a few lights to some of the trees and light a slew of candles which are very inexpensive. This should be an enjoyable and relaxing occasion, try not to get yourself stressed out. Planning this special event can be lots of fun. So give yourself plenty of time to plan and enjoy shopping for your stuff.

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