How to Implement Employee Incentive Programs

Learning how to implement employee incentive programs in order to motivate employee’s will help your business be more profitable. You may be wondering how you can do that. When your company decides to have a employee incentive program then you need to figure out how it is going to work. You need to take into consideration what the rewards are going to be for the employee’s. The rewards need to be something that the employee’s will want and will think that is worth their time along with effort. They need to think it is worth it to accomplish set goals in order to get the rewards. You need to make the rewards worth their time. They need to be happy with the results. If employee’s are happy with the results then you will therefore get more work accomplished by employee’s.

You need to have a simple employee incentive program. You need to have a scale that shows that reward or bonus the employee’s will receive once they reach certain goals. Companies who set goals are more productive in sales, training, and services than those that don’t. The goals have to be reasonable. You need to have monthly goals for the employee’s along with weekly goals. They need to be rewarded for their hard work on regular basis. Some employee’s are happy with free movie tickets, gift cards to various restaurants and department stores, along with other gifts. Other people just want a bonus on their paycheck at the end of the week or month. Perhaps you can offer the employee’s both options to choose from either extra bonus on paycheck or gift cards instead.

Another thing is nice to do is to have a little company party each month. If the company employee’s reaches a certain goal each month then the company offers to pay for a party for everyone at work. You can also offer rewards for perfect attendance. It is difficult to find reliable and dependable employee’s so the company offers a reward for perfect attendance then it will motivate the employee’s to show up to work on time.

Make sure to get suggestions from employee’s regarding the incentive programs. You can find out what the employee’s will be most happy with. Don’t offer big rewards in the beginning. You don’t want them to get use to big rewards then to have it lowered to a low amount of rewards later on.

Here are some steps to implement employee incentive programs:
1. Keep it simple
2. Offer rewards for accomplished goals
3. Have a monthly goal
4. Have a weekly goal
5. Give rewards such as gift cards and bonuses on paychecks
6. Have a company party each month if the team meets the monthly goal
7. Listen to suggestions from employee’s

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