How to Get Along With the Press

Image building is one of the most important factors behind sustainable success, whether it be an individual or an organization. If you or your company are considered to be credible among the masses, your business is bound to flourish. Press is the most important thing when it comes to image building.

If you are a politician, a businessman, a popular personality or a representative of the government, you must get along well with the press as it shapes up the public opinion. On the contrary, if you do not have good relations with journalists or reporters, you are surely not going to be framed positively in the media, which is going to hurt you in more ways than one. Handling the journalists however, is not a simple task at all because they are among the most informed people in any society.


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    Public relations department

    Every major organization, in the present world has a separate public relations department. The primary function of the PR department is to create a healthy image of the company. The PR department builds a rapport with journalists and media organizations. You are likely to get along well with the press if you have a separate department to deal with it.

    You should hire professional and experienced Public Relations Officers (PROs). Most celebrities also hire PROs in the modern age.

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    Never lose temper

    When addressing a press conference or giving an interview, you are most likely to face harsh questions, which may even relate to your personal life at times. However, you must never lose patience in such a scenario and handle the situation in a cool and collected manner.

    If you lose your temperament in reply to a harsh question, you are likely to hamper your relations with the press, which is going to have an adverse effect on your image in the long run. The best policy to adopt is not to create any enemies in the press.

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    Offer refreshments

    Whenever you organize a press conference, you should always have proper arrangements for refreshments. This does not seem to be very important but gives a positive impression about you and your organization.

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    Take a journalist with you on a business trip

    If your budget allows you, take a journalist with you on your business trip. This will urge the journalist to build your reputation in the media. This policy is adopted by a number of private and government organizations.

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