How to Improve Your Bowling Game

Sometimes you may feel dissatisfied when you’re bowling. Maybe your score for the game you’ve just finished isn’t what you hoped for and you’d really like to improve your game. There are many things you can do so that the next time you go bowling, your game will improve.

The first thing to consider when looking for ways to improve your game is what condition is your bowling ball in? If the surface is dull, that could mean the ball will roll too soon or poorly thus not knocking enough of the pins down. Or it may simply wind up in the gutter too soon. To improve this, have the ball polished. This should improve your game substantially. If it doesn’t you might need to buy a new bowling ball. Another way to improve your bowling scores is to have more than one ball. Just like a golfer who has a whole range of clubs its best to have two or three different kinds of bowling balls to help improve your game. Different balls have different purposes. A lightweight plastic ball may help you make that elusive spare. It’s very important to make sure that your bowling ball properly fits your hand. If it doesn’t your game will suffer and you may injure your hand.

One way to improve your bowling game is to not allow frustration to creep in. If you have played well but missed a pin or two, you have still played the game well. Frustration will eat away at you next turn and you will see your game suffer for it. Improve your game by bowling down the middle of the lane. This can be difficult but the middle usually has more oil on it and that too will help to improve your game as it allows a better roll. Finger grips are very helpful in improving your game. Make sure your bowling shoes fit your properly. If your feet hurt, you won’t have any hope of playing better.

One of the suggestions you will hear from others who bowl, and on websites, is that if you want to improve your bowling, find a coach. That can be a good alternative. People who do this for a living will give you pointers on bowling a better game. If you’re reluctant to try that then you also have the option of buying videos or DVDs that can teach you how to improve your game while allowing you to work at your own pace.

One of the ways to improve your bowling is how you watch the ball. You’ll improve if you watch the ball as it rolls all the way down, hitting or missing as it goes. Many bowlers have learned this skill as it allows you to see where you are at fault and where you are doing it right. Following the ball when you’re bowling will also improve your bowling because it will teach you to try to place the ball where you want it to go.

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