How to Install Brick Veneer on an Interior Wall

Brick veneer used on an interior wall can be used to create the look of exposed brick on any wall. This is often a popular treatment for lofts, but can be used in other spaces as well. Brick veneer, or brick facing as it is also called, is inexpensive when compared to real brick and can be easily installed by a homeowner with an eye for detail.

Before beginning carefully measure the wall and decide how to center the brick both vertically and horizontally. You want to minimize cuts as much a possible, but also make sure that no brick is less than half size. Consider other patterns such as a herringbone or running pattern if you are not concerned with realism.

Once you know in what pattern you wish to install, you must start with a wall that is in good repair. Apply ceramic tile adhesive with a notched trowel to the wall, alternating in what direction it is applied every 12″. To apply the brick veneer, put a small amount of ceramic adhesive on the back of each piece. Then apply it to the wall, twisting slightly to make sure it stays into place.

To achieve proper spacing when applying your brick veneer, use a piece of plywood that is the same thickness as the joints you wish to create. The piece needs to only be about 1 Ã?½”x 6″, that way it can fit into all of the joints easily. Also stop after every two rows to check and make sure that the brick veneer is being laid level.

Once all the brick veneer has been laid with the proper spacing, allow the wall to dry. This could take up to 48 hours, depending on the manufacturer of your ceramic adhesive. When the adhesive is dry, mix a small amount of grout. Fill a grout bag with the mixture, and use it to apply grout between the bricks. It is easiest to work in small sections when completely this task.

Finally use a jointing tool, dowel, or other implement to smooth the grout lines between the veneer. Be sure to work on the grout while it is still moist. It is often easiest to pipe grout into a small section of the wall and then finish it with a jointing tool before going on to the next section.

Adding brick veneer to an interior wall can be an easy project for someone willing to work methodically to space and level each brick. Considering the time involved to complete this project correctly, you may want to consider adding brick veneer to a small accent wall before tackling a larger space.

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