How to Install Computer Drivers Manually

Drivers for computer software can literally drive you nuts. Windows offers a wizard that is a huge help however, there are times, hopefully very few, when you may have to install a driver manually.

To begin with go to the start button on Windows and click settings then control panel. Once in control panel find the systems tab and open it. You’ll find a device tab there, open that tab. Now choose your device under the device tab and double click it. The device tab will list out every device on your system so make sure that you are paying attention especially if you have more than one of the same devices. For instance if you have two CD ROM drives make sure you are clicking on the right one otherwise you will be setting yourself up to reinstall both device drivers.

Once you find the right device, click on the “Driver Tab” and choose “Update Driver”. At this point you will see several tabs but one will say, “Search for a better driver”, choose this tab.

Once you have chosen to search for a better driver, the next dialog box will give you a list of places to search including your floppy drive, CD Rom Drive and so on, choose the installation media type you are using and click “next”. If you aren’t sure where the updated driver is click on the tab that searches of the best driver available, if you have internet access this tab will also allow for a search of the internet for the best possible driver.

After a short period of time a dialogue box will come up with either having found the driver or now. If it found the driver just click “next”. Once the driver is found Windows will build a database of needed drivers and then it is time to reboot. You have now installed your new driver.

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