How to Install Joomla Through Your C-Panel

Installing Joomla by going through your C-panel is about the easiest way to install it. In this guide I will walk you through installing Joomla and setting it up.

Your first step is to login to your Control Panel. If you have more than one website, be sure to login to the c-panel of the website that you wish to add Joomla to.

Once you are logged in to your c-panel, locate where it says Fantastico. Click on Fantastico and wait for the next page to load.

On the left hand side of the page you will see where it says Joomla under Content Management. Click on the Joomla link and wait for the page to load. Now click on New Installation on the right hand side of the page.

The next page that will load is a very important piece of installing Joomla. These are the fields that you will see; Install on Domain, Install in Directory, Admin Access Data, Base Configuration Admin Email, Admin Full Name, and Site Name.

Install on Domain – This will show up if you have sub-domains set up on that domain. So if you have sub-domains select which one you would like to install Joomla on. If you wish to install it on the domain select it from the list.

Install in Directory – This is the address that you will type in to access Joomla. Leave it blank if you wish for Joomla to be your homepage.

Here’s a little tip. If you don’t know how to use Joomla and need to learn, you may want to put it in a folder of its own so that you don’t mess your website up. This way your homepage is still the same as you originally designed it and you can play with Joomla without anyone seeing it. Then once you get the hang of it, you can transfer it. If you want to install it in a folder so you can play with it first, type in the name that you wish to use in the box. For example you can name it Joomla. Type in Joomla in the box. Then to access it through your browser you would type
You can name it anything you wish.

Admin Access Data – This is where you will type in the username and password that you wish to use when you access your Joomla Admin Panel. Every time you login to your admin panel this will be the username and password that you will use.

Base Configuration

Admin Email – Type in the Email Address that you wish to use for Joomla.

Admin Full Name – Just type your name in this field.

Site Name – This is the name that will be displayed on the homepage of your Joomla. Type in what you want it to display.

Now click on Install Joomla. On the next page you will be asked to confirm the installation. Simply click Confirm. On the next page it will let you know that you have successfully installed Joomla and it will give you your admin address and the address that Joomla is located at. I would print this page out or bookmark it.

That is all. You have now installed Joomla. You can now login to your admin panel and start playing with your new CMS.. If you have any problems please feel free to use the Contact Me button on this page and I will further assist you.

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