How to Install Stone Steps

Anywhere you have an incline, it is a better option to install stone steps to climbing them or taking great leaping steps! This guide will teach you all you need to know to install stone steps in your yard!

How to Install Stone Steps – Measuring

As with most jobs, the first step to install stone steps is to measure the size of stones you’re going to need to install! You’re going to need to get the height and depth of the area you’re building your steps in. Once you’ve done that you’re ready to continue to your next step to install stone steps!

How to Install Stone Steps – Excavating

A great tip to install stone steps is to excavate the site first. This will lay the groundwork for what you’re doing and will definitely get any potential problems out of the way. Nothing like starting from a clean slate when you install stone steps! Next to install stone steps is to lay the concrete foundation. You should use 2×4’s to mark off the area and mix and pour your concrete to lay the foundation to install stone steps.

How to Install Stone Steps – Throwing Stones

Now comes the stone step. You’ll need to find your stones for the steps. Look long and hard, and really try to find some interesting and colorful stones, preferably that match your home or yard. Rocks are one of this great planets most abundant natural resource, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding some to suit your need. If worse comes to worse, you can buy some decent sized rocks from a home improvement store. If you need to shape your stone, you should mark the areas your are editing with a pencil, and then by using a chisel and hammer to successfully dismember the outlaw edges.

How to Install Stone Steps – Mortar!

Next comes the mortaring. This is one of the last steps to install stone steps in your yard. Once you mix the mortar, you’ll want to spread a one inch layer across and the stones are laid, one riser and tread at a tie of course, then you’re ready to go ahead and fill and cram mortar into all the joints and cracks.

How to Install Stone Steps – Waiting

Next is the hardest step to install stone steps. Waiting for it to dry! It’s going to take several days for it to dry completely, so you should probably plan to install stone steps on a week that your sure it isn’t going to rain or you could end up having to do some steps or all of it over again. You should then even keep the traffic on the steps to a bare minimum until 7 or 8 days after the job is done. Then you are ready to enjoy the stone steps that you installed yourself!

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