How to Install Task Lighting for a Bedroom

If you regularly read or work in bed, a task light can provide illumination where you need it most. Unlike a regular lamp, a task light can provide just the right amount of illumination for a task. If you regularly sleep with someone, task lighting above the bed can allow you to read while your partner sleeps. There are many task lighting options and a savvy homeowner can install most of them.

Before installing, it is important to buy bedroom task lighting that will meet your needs. Begin by considering what type of lighting will best meet your needs. If you do needlework in bed, for example, you will need a light that casts a great deal of illumination. Regular reading in bed might require less light, but glare should be avoided to prevent eye fatigue. You may also prefer an adjustable light that can be angled where you most need illumination. If you do more than one task regularly in bed, consider buying a fixture that has a dimmer.

Meeting these needs are dependent in part by the type of bulb you choose. Fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient, but do not cast as much light as other types of bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are the type of bulbs used in many lamps. Depending on the wattage, they can cast a great amount of light. However, incandescent bulbs also emit large amounts of heat.

Once you have decided the type of bulb, look at the different styles available. Make sure that the lighting fixture that you have chosen fits the colors and style of the other items in your bedroom. Also look at how the light is turned on and off, and how easy it is to operate. A pull switch is probably the easiest fixture switch to operate, and may be very useful if you must reach behind you to shut off the light.

Another thing to consider before picking out your bedroom lighting fixture is its power source. Some task lighting can be mounted onto the wall and then plugged into an existing electrical outlet, while some must be hardwired into the electrical system of your house. If you plan on installing your bedroom lighting fixture yourself, make sure to buy a fixture that can be plugged in. Otherwise you will have to call a professional to complete the wiring.

One last thing to consider when choosing a bedroom lighting fixture is the weight of the actual fixture. If you can install your lighting fixture by screwing directly into the stud, than you do not have to worry about weight requirements. If, however, you must mount your fixture directly into the drywall, look for the lightest fixture you can find.

After you buy the lighting kit, read the instructions carefully before beginning. Many lighting fixtures have rules of thumb that indicate where they should be installed. Make sure that your new lighting fixture is within easy reach of an electrical outlet if you are not having the fixture hardwired into the system. If at all possible, find a stud to install your task lighting. If a stud is not available, make sure to use a drywall anchor to attach the lighting fixture in addition to the hardware present in the kit.

Make sure before installing that you can easily reach the light while in bed. Also try to install the lighting fixture so that the cord can be hidden behind the headboard. Always follow the manufactures instructions when installing a lighting fixture. Most likely you will need an electric drill to predrilled several pilot holes. Then you should be able to screw the fixture into place with the hardware provided. Placing the correct bulb into the fixture and plugging in your lighting should complete the installation process.

By installing the proper lighting in your bedroom you should be able to reduce eyestrain and increase the overall attractiveness of your bedroom. If you aren’t sure that you can complete the installation process, a licensed contractor should be able to do the job for you in a single afternoon.

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