How to Install a Washer and Dryer

If you are just moving into your first apartment or house, one of the first things you’ll need is a washer and dryer. These are not very hard to get, and a whole lot easier to install.

First of all, don’t rush straight to your local hardware store to buy a washer and dryer combo. You can end up paying very high prices for brand new, top-of-the-line washer and dryer combos. Look around in your city. There are always people who refurbish old washers and dryers. These are amazing deals on rebuilt ones. Most refurbished washer and dryer combos come with warranties from the person who rebuilds them, so these are just as good as new ones.

Now that you’ve got your washer, you’ve got to install it. First of all, find the place where it goes. This should be some sort of closet with two hose connections and some outlets. First, position the washer next to the hose connections. Go ahead and plug the washer into the outlet. Now, connect the hoses. There should be a hose with a red marking on it somewhere. Connect this hose to the hose connection with the red marking on it. This is your hot water hose. Next find the hose with the blue marking on it. Connect this hose with the connection that has a blue marking on it. This will give you your cold water. Don’t mix these up, or you will reverse the water and it will make a very interesting color for some of your clothes. Now we have to install the drain hose. Install is really a misleading word. Really, all we have to do is find the hose with no connector on the end. Now, place this hose into the hole in the wall next to the two hose connections. This will simply drain the water from the washer into the pipe system. Now that the washer is properly installed, we have to right it. Most washers will have a self-balancing system. This doesn’t mean you can just pop it in and it will balance, however. To balance the system, you have to drop it. Pull the washer straight towards you about thirty degrees, and let it go. When it hits the floor, it will adjust itself.

Now all we have to do is install the dryer. The dryer goes on the side with the 3 to 5 inch hole in the floor. This hole is for the vent. The local hardware store will sell dryer vent hoses. Simply get a hose that fits the hole in your dryer and the hole in your floor, and tightly connect the two. This will allow your dryer to properly vent. Now plug the dryer power cord, which will look different from your everyday power cord, into the wall where it fits. Now your dryer is ready to go!

So, as you can see, it is really not hard to get a washer and dryer. Just go find a person who can refurbish them and get a great deal. Next, just install them. As you can also see, it takes only a few minutes to install them. So hopefully you can get your new washer and dryer up and running!

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