The Right Tool Makes the Difference: Paintbrushes

It’s a fact! The right tool does make the difference. Take Paintbrushes for example. It’s a tool we’ve have all used at one time or another; but, it’s one ,hat we don’t take the time and learn to use. Did you know that the more expensive brand name paintbrushes hold more paint than the generic off the wall or kit brushes? Meaning: more area gets covered – less amount of time dipping your brush. I’m not saying to go out and buy the biggest most expensive brush, but , one of the first rule of selecting a brush is to get the proper size for the job i.e. the more amount of wall surface — the wider the brush; except for your cutting in brushes, which you can usually get buy with a two and a half, to a three inch angular sash. By the way, Sash is the technical term for the bristles, and cutting in is the term for painting around the trim of the walls and windows.

Before you start your painting project, you need to select the type of paint you want for protecting and beautifying (oil-base or water-base). Now comes the question, “What type of paint brush should I select to achieve the best results?” Don’t fret, this is easy, there are only two types of common brushes used in house painting: natural and synthetic. It helps to get to know the difference between the two.

The natural brushes are made of animal hair and their very soft and porous. Most professionals will use a natural brush when painting with Oil-based paints and varnishes. When painting a smooth surface you want to use the white-bristled brushes, as with painting a textured or rough surface you would want to use the darker bristled brush. The difference is the darker bristles are stronger and stand up stiffer. They also have better abrasive wear.

Synthetic brushes are man-made. Their usually made out of Nylon and Polyester, there’s even a nylon/polyblend. These brushes are used mainly for water-based or Latex paints. The difference in these brushes is, 100% nylon can be used while painting inside under climate controlled conditions. This brush is best suited for smoother surfaces because, Nylon filament allows the paint to release from brush easier and flow more smoothly onto the working surface. The 100% polyester brushes maintain their bend and recovery making them better suited for warm humid outdoor temperatures. If you break it right down it’s really not that confusing, or just take a few minutes to read the packaging or ask for a customer rep. from the painting dept..

Probably the most important thing to remember is to clean your brushes. This cannot be stressed enough! Your brushes should be cleaned immediately after use (especially if you have a little money invested in them). You’ll find that a lot of the cheaper brushes start coming apart during cleaning (another reason to buy a decent brush). The synthetic brushes are the easiest to clean. That’s if you used them with the latex paint as directed. Cleaning latex paint out of a brush usually consists of, running the brush under warm water, while gently brushing out the sash with a wire brush or brush comb. A detergent or soapy water can be used. Keep at it for about ten-minutes per brush, or until or completely clean. Cleaning oil based paints and varnishes are a whole different game. Check the side of the can for the thinner or solvent that the manufacturer recommends cutting the paint with. If you can’t find this, mineral spirits can be used. After cleaning the brush out with the spirits or thinner, rinse it out in soapy water. Proper cleaning and care will keep your brushes in good condition and help them to maintain their shape. That way, the next time you decide to re-paint your apartment or house, all your brushes are right there-ready! I’m not saying go out and spend a fortune in paint brushes, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a nice Purdy or Wooster three-inch synthetic brush.You’ll definitely see the difference, and if you’re anything like me, once you see and feel the difference, you’ll be looking for things to paint.

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