Product Review: Frigidaire Ceramic Glass Cooktop Electric Range

Three and a half years ago I purchased a non-self cleaning Frigidaire Ceramic Glass Cooktop Electric Range, model number FEF336ASK at Conn’s. I thought I was doing the right thing by getting a cheap oven from a discount appliance store. I got a forty-eight month extended warranty against the possibility of problems with the range. I didn’t believe I’d ever have to use it since I had never had any trouble with a range in the past. I began to have problems with the range. Although the oven worked properly, and the timer and clock were fine, the front large burner was super-heating to dangerous levels. This break-down occurred just after the extended warranty expired, rendering it useless. I had no choice but to stop using that large burner. I switched to using the large burner in back, but it began to super-heat also. I finally got fed up when the burner began to super-heat again at only level two on the dial, causing hot oil to splatter and burn my hand. I had no use for the smaller burners, so this left me effectively without a cooktop range.

Holding the product manual in my hand, I called Electrolux, Frigidaire’s customer service department. They just gave me the run-around. I tried to make a claim on the two to five year warranty, stated on the back of the manual, which stated the elements were covered. However, the Electrolux customer service rep insisted that I needed a contract number to file a claim. I asked her what she meant. I reiterated that the elements were covered under the second to fifth year warranty mentioned on the back of the manual. The rep then claimed that you don’t get that warranty with the range; you have to purchase it. I knew this was incorrect; I had the proof on the back of the user’s manual.

I did some better research on the internet, looking at product reviews for various ceramic cooktop ranges. I copied down the model numbers of those that seemed to have overall positive reviews, and drove down to Best Buy. I finally decided to purchase a Maytag self-cleaning ceramic cooktop range from Best Buy, and not to get the Frigidaire range fixed. I cut my losses, and sold the “old” Frigidaire range on Craigslist for $50 to a guy who could fix it himself. There was no point throwing good money away against bad, especially when the repair bill was likely to be close to the original cost of the oven. I believe that Frigidaire’s products are too cheaply produced, and largely defective. The Electrolux and Frigidaire customer service department has chosen to lie to their customers and renege on their warranty promises rather than make things right. I will never purchase any product from Frigidaire again.

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