How to Make a Balloon Arch for a Party or Wedding

Balloon arches can be used as part of any party theme or wedding decoration. Balloon arches are in the medium range of difficulty to make. However, once you have made your first balloon arch they will become easier to make each time.

Materials Needed for a Balloon Arch

Helium or Nitric Oxide. Either of these gases will be used to blow the balloons up. Nitric Oxide will make the balloons stay filled longer than helium. Helium will keep the balloons aired more than regular oxygen.

9″ or larger Latex Balloons. Nine inch or larger latex balloons will work best for the balloon arches. The count per bag of balloons will need to be 100. Multiple colors of balloons can be used.

Dental Floss. At least one container of waxed dental floss. The amount of dental floss needed will depend on the size of the balloon arch.

Sand or Water. About two pounds of sand or two cups of water will be needed to be placed in two to four balloons as weights to hold each section of arch down while being built.

Cardboard Balloon Template. With a piece of stiff cardboard, cut a hole in the middle 81/2″ in diameter. This will be used to measure the balloons. By doing this, all the balloons will be the same size.

Making the Balloon Arch

Note: If using more than one color, the colors should alternate around creating a spiral effect. Also, the weighted ends can be tied to 5 pounds of flour to keep the arch more weighted.

Fill two balloons with a quarter pound of sand or enough water to make a weight. Tie the balloons off.

Cut off about 6 yards of dental floss. This will need to be done twice. Tie one end of each of the 6 yards of dental floss to the weighted balloons.

Blow up one balloon. Measure the balloon by passing it through the hole in the template. Once the balloon passes through the hole barely touch the hole, tie it off. Blow up another balloon and tie off. Tie the two balloons together using the two tied off ends of the balloons.

Do the above process once more. Once you have the other two balloons tied together, take the other two balloons and lay the tied section on top of the other tied section. Twist the balloons around twice to lock the balloons together.

Once you have the four balloons locked together in the shape of a four-leaf clover, lay the balloon cluster near the weighted balloon. Pull the dental floss in between two of the balloon and wrap the dental floss around the center of the balloons where tied together.

Continue the above process until you can no longer add the balloon clusters. Once you have reached this point, start the process once again on the next weighted balloon. If you need more dental floss to finish the sections, cut off another 6-yard section. Tie the dental floss about a quarter of the way down from the top and intertwine it through the balloons.

NOTE: Each section should be to the top of your head. The two sections will create an arch, once put together twice as tall as you are. Depending on where the arch is going to be set up, one to two more sections may need to be created. Also, two ground stakes may be needed to secure the balloon arch firmly if being used outside. Otherwise, two of the weighted balloons can be used.

After you have the sections needed to make the balloon arch, cut a 6-yard section of dental floss. Reach into a section about a fourth way down from the top and tie the floss on. Intertwine the dental floss up to the top through the balloons. Once you are at the top, pull just enough to make the arch section bend and intertwine the dental floss into the next section like before.

If you have created another section for the balloon arch, cut the weighted balloon off the end of the section. Cut off another 6-yard section of dental floss and do as above to connect the sections together.

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