Pet Safety Tips: How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

Not only is the summer heat unbearable on humans, but it’s unbearable on pets as well. While humans are able to cool themselves off quickly, pets don’t always have this option unless you help them. If you want to keep your dog cool this summer, follow these tips.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #1: Have Them Trimmed

Dogs with extremely thick or long fun should be trimmed during the hot summer months. For example, I have a Pomeranian and she will be trimmed so that she can enjoy summer without burning up. Many dogs love to lay in the sun, but this can cause a heat stroke if they aren’t properly groomed.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #2: Buy a Cooling Mat

Online there are several pet stores that sell cooling mats. These mats are great for dogs that are kept outside or if you do not have air conditioning in your home. You can find some models that you add water to, which are safe and easy to use.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #3: Make Sure They Have Enough Water

Just like humans, dogs quickly dehydrate in hot summer weather. In order to keep your pets cool and hydrated, you must make sure they have enough water. Also be aware that water will vaporize on extremely hot days, so make sure that outdoor pets have enough water available. If you take your dog with you on trips, you can also buy a portable water dish.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #4: Provide a Shady Area

Whether you have a dog that stays outside or like to bring your dog on trips, you will need to provide them with a shady place to rest. You can use tarps to cover part of your outdoor kennel and you can also provide your pet with a large dog house. If you bring your dog along on a trip, make sure there will be a place for them to lie.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #5: Keep the Air Conditioner Going

Many people turn their air conditioning down when they leave for work, as a way to save on their electricity bill, but what about your dog? How will they stay nice and cool? You can buy them a mat, but you should also leave the air conditioner set at a comfortable temperature. Would you leave another family member at home to suffer though the heat? I didn’t think so. So why would you do that to your dog?

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #6: Never Leave Pets in the Car

You should never, for any reason, leave your dog in the car. You may think you’ll just run in and grab a steak for dinner, but then get caught in a long line at the checkout. While you’re inside making your purchase, your car is getting hotter and hotter. This can quickly become too much for your dog and can lead to a heatstroke.

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #7: Bring Pets Inside

If your dog normally lives outside (which I don’t recommend), show some compassion on hot summer days. There will be days when the heat is too much to for your dog. If you ignore this, you could end up killing your dog. You may think this is an inconvenience, but would you rather be inconvenienced for a few hours or be burying your dog, because they died of a heatstroke?

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer #8: Leave Pets at Home on Extremely Hot Days

You may take your dog everywhere, but there will be times where it will be impossible to keep your pet cool. Instead of bringing your pet along to suffer through the summer heat, leave them at home in a nice, air conditioned room. You may think this is a little extreme, but some sports teams have actually lost their pets to heatstroke because they refused to leave them at the college on hot summer days.

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