Hurricane Guide 2007 – How to Be Prepared for This Year’s Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season 2007 is here. Are you prepared? Living in Florida for the past 16 years and experiencing my fair share of hurricanes I know how frightening they can be for you and your family. Hurricane season runs from June 1, 2007 – November 30, 2007 with most storms usually occurring from August through October so now is the time to start getting prepared.

Hurricanes form and strengthen by gathering energy from the warm waters in the Atlantic ocean. When hurricanes make landfall and work their way inland they can leave extensive damage and destruction in their wake. It is vitally important that anyone living in areas prone to hurricanes get prepared before a hurricane hits.

Here are some hurricane preparation tips to help you survive the storm:

1. Be sure to know your evacuation route and be prepared for heavy traffic on the evacuation routes. Determine your plan to keep your family safe if you are going to ride out the storm at home? Where is your safe room?

2. Review your insurance coverage. Do you understand what is and what is not covered? Do you have enough to cover your home and your belongings in case of a disaster?

3. Take an inventory of your possessions so the information is readily available in case you need it for insurance claims. The easiest way to do this is by recording your belongings with a camera or camcorder.

4. Make sure you have enough cash on hand to hold you over for a couple of weeks. ATM machines and credit cards do not work if there is no power.

5. Fill up the gas tanks in all of your cars. Do this early before the gas stations run out. Also fill any propane tanks you have for your BBQ grill. You may need to use this for cooking.

6. Board up your windows with plywood and trim any overgrown trees or trees with dead branches that could easily break off during a hurricane.

7. Pick up or secure any objects in your yard or near your pool that could potentially become a projectile during high winds.

8. Get your first aid kit ready to go.

9. If you or a family member is on medication make sure that you have enough available to last at least a week or two.

10. Make provisions for your pets. Find area shelters or make adequate plans if they are going to stay with you.

11. Take time to fill up your bathtub. You can use the water to flush toilets or for other chores that may come up around the

12. Stock up on supplies you are going to need including: flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radios, canned or other non-perishable foods, food for your pets, bottled water, ice, can opener, any special supplies for babies or elderly family members, disposable plates, cups and utensils, and hygiene products.

Remember, surviving a hurricane is all about being prepared. All it takes is one powerful hurricane to hit where you live to make it a bad hurricane season for you. Be prepared. You will be glad you were.

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