Natural Ways to Soften Clothes that Are Dried on a Line

Drying clothes and other fabrics outdoors can save a considerable amount of money, but they do not always turn out soft and supple. They can become very stiff as if they were starched, especially jeans and towels. Clothes and other fabrics that are dried on a line can be softened in natural ways. Stop buying expensive liquid fabric softener, and do not resort to drying clothing and other items indoors. Use these natural ways to soften clothes that are dried on a line. You will save money while enjoying softer line-dried fabrics.

Add One Cup of Vinegar to Each Large Wash Load

The best natural way to soften materials that are dried on a line is with ordinary white vinegar. White vinegar is a natural product with multiple uses, and it works to dissolve and remove old fabric softener. It will naturally soften clothes without the use of a dryer. Add one cup of white vinegar to each large wash cycle when fabrics will be dried on a line. The clothes and other fabrics will not come out smelling like vinegar. Instead, they will smell incredibly fresh, especially when dried on a line.

Use Less Laundry Detergent

Clothes often become stiff because of the products that are supposed to clean them. When seeking natural ways to soften clothes that are dried on a line, reconsider how much detergent is being used. If you have a water softener, the recommended amount can be cut in half. In any case, the recommended amount is generally higher than the amount that is really necessary. Detergent manufacturers want to sell as much as possible. Try cutting back on how much detergent you are using, and soften clothes that are dried on a line in a natural, money-saving way.

Choose the Windiest Days to Dry Clothes on an Outdoor Line

The wind will soften clothes in a natural way, even without the use of softeners and vinegar. It will naturally whip and soften the fabrics as they dry. When looking for natural ways to soften clothes that are dried on a line, choose the windiest days to do laundry. They will dry in record time, and the wind will soften them in safe, natural and money saving ways.

Source: Personal Experience with Drying Fabrics on a Line

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