How to Install or Repair Gutters on Your Home

If you have missing, sagging, broken or otherwise in need of repair gutters on your home, fixing them must be a priority. The protection they provide to your home from moisture damage is very important so the role they play should be considered a vital one.

If you have missing gutters, your role is to purchase and install new ones as quickly as possible. If you have sagging gutters, realigning them is a rather simple task and should be done immediately as well because when gutters are not working properly, as they will not be when sagging, they allow water damage to occur to your home and yard. All you need to do is purchase some new hangers and install them in the gutters so that the alignment becomes straight. Use a chalk line to ensure a direct horizontal line. When putting your new hangers in, make sure not to put them in the same hole as the original hanger was in because it will not hold the fasteners as well as a new spot will do.

If you have gutters that are cracked, have holes in them, are rotted, or are otherwise in need or repair, know that the repair work is not difficult and it needs to be done quickly. This is true no matter how small the size is that is in need of correction. You also want to make sure while you are inspecting, that all debris is cleared from the gutters so they can do their job properly. You can install gutter guards to help keep minimize the amount of debris that gets into them, if you desire.

To repair gutter damage, first determine how bad the problem is. If it is a small hole or crack you can use caulk made especially for gutters that will provide an immediate and solid fix. Make sure not to use common household caulk as it is not designed to withstand the harsh conditions that outside weather inevitably brings. If the compromise is bigger than caulk can cure, you need to take a more serious approach to repair work.

First of all, gather your tools. You will need:

A ladder big enough to reach the gutters (make sure you can see and reach without stretching to do so).

Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Tape Measure

A Stiff Wire Brush

Roof Cement

Flat applicator for the roof cement (a vinyl putty knife will do)

Gutter Flashing (the same material type as the gutter you are repairing)


Drill bits

Hack Saw

Sheet Metal Screws

Gutter Hangers

Use your stiff wire brush to clear the piece of gutter you will be working on.

Use your putty knife to apply the roofing cement over the damaged area.

Measure the piece of gutter you will be replacing and cut gutter flashing to size and place it on top of the wet roofing cement. Remove excess cement that has seeped out of the sides after putting in piece in place. If the gutters are sagging or need reattached firmly, use gutter hangers and apply them in a new spot on the gutter, or drill sheet metal screws in to hold them firmly in place.

While you are inspecting gutters for any hindrances in performance, be sure too, to check the downspouts, joints, elbows and runoff points for damage as well, and repair as necessary, as directed above.

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