Unique Ways to Save and Store Greeting Cards

With so few people writing letters and postcards anymore, our family enjoys holding onto the few handwritten notes we do receive. Letters are easy to store, what has been more challenging is finding a way to store the dozens of greeting cards our family receives each year.

A clear plastic file tote with a snap on lid and handle is one way to safely store hundreds of greeting cards. This is the system I use because it’s portable, easy to identify at a glance, and take up very little shelf space. Here are some other unique ways to store greeting cards.

Store them inside books. I have a relative who stores all her greeting cards individually inside the books lining her home office. Not only are the cards safe and out of the way, they take up very little shelf space which is a real storage bonus. Another great reason for storing greeting cards in this method is the joy of experiencing them all over again each time one reaches for a new book.

Put them in a scrapbook. Scrapbooking has made it possible to store items in ways that would have never been possible even 20 years ago. One of my teen’s favorite ways to store gift cards and greeting cards that she receives is by separating the front of the card from the back, cutting out the hand written sentiment, and then working these components into a colorful scrapbook page which can be saved in an album.

Photo sleeves. Photo supply stores and scrap book stores carry 3-hole clear plastic sleeves that can be used to store greeting cards in a standard 3 ring binder. We separate the fronts from the backs and put the sides together together “right side out” before slipping the card in the photo sleeve. This makes it possible to read the greetings without the bother of having to remove the card from the sleeve.

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