Electric Vs. Gas: The Advantages of Gas Cooking Stoves

Gas cooking stoves have been the first choice of professional chefs for a long time. They have many advantages over electric stoves. Some of them include accuracy, temperature, and easier ignition. This article will discuss the advantages of gas cooking stoves.


The first advantage of gas stoves is the accuracy. When you change the temperature setting on an electric stove, the change is gradual. The heat is much more controllable on gas cooking stoves. The heat change is immediate and precise. Also, the oven for gas cooking stoves heats up much quicker than the oven used for electric stoves.

Kitchen temperature

Another advantage of gas stoves is the temperature in the kitchen. Gas cooking stoves create less overall heat than electric stoves. This means that you will have a cooler kitchen, but it doesn’t mean that your food won’t cook as fast. The top of the stove will also be cooler. A cooler stove top will mean you won’t be subject to accidental burns.


The top of electric stoves have to be perfectly flat so that the heat is distributed evenly. The flatness of the top is not important with gas cooking stoves because the heat is generated by a flame. This means that you don’t have to worry about the pot’s direct contact with electric coils.


Another benefit of gas cooking stoves is the ignition. With older gas stoves, you had to use a match to light the pilot light which could prove to be hazardous. Modern gas cooking stoves have electronic ignitions so that they are much easier to start. This also means that there is no pilot light burning constantly that give off fumes and wastes gas.

Power Outage

The last advantage of gas cooking stoves will benefit you in case of a power outage. If you use an electric stove, you won’t be able to cook food if the power goes out for a couple of days. You can still use your gas cooking stove if the power goes out as long as you have enough natural gas or propane.

Gas cooking stoves have many advantages over electric stoves. The heat change is immediate and precise with these types of stoves. Also, gas cooking stoves generate less overall heat so that your kitchen is much cooler. You also won’t have to worry about how flat your stove is because the heat is generated by a flame not electric coils. Modern gas stoves also have electronic ignitions so they are easier to start. If you’re still cooking with an electric stove, you should consider switching to a gas stove. You won’t regret it.

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