How to Install the Frost King Window Insulation Kit

I just finished winterizing our home in an attempt to save money during the colder winter months. Poor insulation in your home can cost you quite dearly in extremely cold or hot months due to the amount of electricity used to cool and heat your home. I have, in the past, used Visqueen and double-sided tape to insulate windows that don’t have storm windows installed. While this works excellent in terms of saving, clear Visqueen can be hard to find, thus you will lose visibility out of your windows. This is where Frost King comes in. Available at a very reasonable price, under $5 for 2 large windows, Frost King’s Window Insulation Kits which are offered in various sizes, making the process quite easy.

The Frost King Window Insulation Kits come with everything you need to install it except for scissors (as they recommend on the box) or a straight edge razor blas�© (which will garner much better results), an extension cord, and a hair dryer. The kit includes shrink film and double-sided tape.

The process of putting up these make-shift storm windows is relatively simple, and with proper preparation, can be completed in about 20 minutes per window. To prepare for the project, all one needs to do is measure your windows and cut the Visqueen 5 inches longer on each side than the actual window is.

To begin the process, decide where you will be placing double-sided tape, and clean off the area with soap and water, or Windex (which will dry much faster. Once the surface has been cleaned, line the window with the double-sided tape. Once the tape is in place, get your pre-cut shrink film spread out. It is important to wait about 15 minutes after placing the tape before beginning to put the shrink film in place. This will allow proper adherence to the window sill surface by the double-sided tape. Begin by starting at one of the top corners, and work your way across the top of the window, keeping the material as tight as possible. Next, go down one of the sides, once again keeping the material as tight as possible. Repeat this process one the other side, then across the bottom.

Now comes the beauty of the Frost King Window Insulation Kit: the shrink film. If you had been wondering what shrink film was, it is similar to the old children’s toy Shrinky-Dinks. In this case, the shrink film will allow you to have a much more professional looking installation. You may need an extension cord for this next step, depending on the location of power outlets at your home. You simply take your hair dryer, put it on high heat, and gently apply heat evenly over the entire shrink film. It will cause the shrink film to contract, causing the film to be wrinkle free and tightly in place.

Once the heat has been applied, simply use your scissors (or as I said, a razor blade works much better), and cut away the excess shrink film, but don’t cut it too close so you don’t cause the film to detach from the double-sided tape.

Frost King’s Window Insulation Kit is an excellent product, even for amateurs, to save money with a professional looking installation. Now you can sit back and enjoy both the sense of accomplishment form a job well done, as well as saving throughout the winter.

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